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IFSE - SCUOLA DI ALTA CUCINA ITALIANA in Turin - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Address:Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 7
Locality: Torino (Turin)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 75 minutes
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 45 minutes

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The first stop in exploration of this region should be Turin, with its Egyptian Museum, one of the largest in the world; the Shroud of Turin, one of the most precious relics in Christianity; the famous Mole Antonelliana dominating the city skyline and housing the National Cinema Museum; and finally, the Automobile Museum. The Reggia di Venaria Palace is a splendid and extremely charming architectural structure, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the other Residences of the... more

Culinary Institute for Italian and foreing students. Food Style EATING WELL TO LIVE BETTER It is by now recognized that a correct and well-balanced diet and strengthend the defences of our organism against diseases. For this reason, both the National Health Plan and the European Program for the Consumer’s Safeguard give a great importance to the information and education on dietary habits of the population.


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Professional Cooking Professional course of Italian pastry
Region: Piedmont Locality: Piobesi Torinese (Turin)
from: 4 May 2015 Duration: 3 months
Availability and Prices Request
Master of Italian pastry, which lasts 3 months (90% practice) at headquarters located in castello di Piobesi Torinese + 4 months internship in restaurants, hotel chains, pastry shops of high/very high level. The requirements are, passion for the world of pastry making knowledge of Italian or English language Diploma or Professional certificate is not necessary a specific experience in The graduate professional course of Italian pastry-Pastry Design will be able to fit into the working world of confectionary art. The course aims to train chefs capable of satisfying the needs of operators and owners of enterprises in the sector. Program: basic pastry techniques, history of Italian pastry tradition Marketing for the Confectionery Pastry Design Lab and its equipment Food Cost Determination Pastry Design concepts – elements of food microbiology approach the cold chain The chocolate in pastry making confectionery cocoa plant: botanical aspects and economic geography genetics and selection of cocoa beans-Nutrition Chocolate ice-carving-history – nutritional qualities-Qualities and ice cream cakes shiny glazes Marzipan and sugar Manufacturing employment Pulled – artistic Sculptures The gum paste Cake Decorations – Sourdough Design – classification of flour-Traditional Breads Datasheets special semi-finished products Breads in the bakery Bread dough decorations with direct and indirect Method The Traditional Regional Pizza Buns to brick and acrobatic pizzas Fried Panettone Pan Brioche II Croissant raw pastry puff pastry – sweet Salty & Cakes Traditional Italian frozen desserts to the Regional dish Salty/sweet Pastry the mignon – Traditional Pastry-Confectionery from Chocolate Mousse and Bavarian bench Cakes Tarts and cakes, modern restaurant cakes monorazioni "Gluten-Free" food safety HACCP educational tours – at firms of the sector and workshops
Professional Cooking Professional course in Italian cuisine
Region: Piedmont Locality: Piobesi Torinese (Turin)
from: 4 May 2015 Duration: 3 months
Availability and Prices Request
Master recognized nationally and internationally by Italian cuisine, which lasts 3 months (with 90% of circulation) at the headquarters located in castello di Piobesi torinese + 4 months internship in restuarants and hotel high institutes/highest level, throughout the national territory. The teaching staff consists of professional chefs in the industry, Food Designer, nutritionists, Medical Faculty of agro technical industries and food manufacturing machinery and equipment to the kitchen being a training path that starts with the basics, is open to all. Addressed to all those who wish to specialize and get a thorough understanding of the innovative Italian cuisine program: Products • organization, purchase and control of food • food microbiology • nutritional Values and characteristics of food • food intolerances • cold chain healthy cooking • the principles of gastronomy in respect of health • low calorie Recipes • nutritional rules • the Mediterranean diet and healthy cooking • composition of low-calorie and low-sodium menu Innovation in the kitchen • Interpret recipes alternate cooking methods for optimizing the cooking time • vacuum: methods of cooking and preservation • food regeneration • microwave cooking • Food Design: how to merge creativity, design and fashion in the kitchen herbs and spices • proper use of herbs and their importance in Italian cuisine • features and use of the various types of salt • methods of production and use of various types of vinegar food preservation As glass store food in olive oil and in vinegar production of jams and marmalades in glass conservation in total safety the starters • hot and cold appetizers of modern and innovative cuisine • starters traditional regional cuisine • the finger foods: how to prepare and prepare finger food buffet first courses • traditional Italian pasta • processing and realization of dry pasta • features and use of Italian rice • gnocchi in their various interpretations • soups, soups and creams • know meat meat types and their cuts • cooking and preparation Methods of main courses of meat and fish fresh water • traditional and innovative techniques to obtain a perfect cooking of the fish dishes made from vegetables • vegetarian dishes, steam cooking vegan cuisine • artistic Processing vegetable oils vegetable and animal and vegetable fats • Know thoroughly the properties extra virgin olive oil and other fats for use in the kitchen cheese • cheese Italian D. O.P • the curd with cow's milk and goat's cheese cured meats • Salamis and sausages: not working and curing methods traditional cuisine of the regions of Italy • A virtual journey through the main Italian regions in order to knowIn addition to the kitchen, including their history, art and geography • bakery traditional breads • special breads catering • know and distinguish the flour in order to make the most of their properties • learn about the different types of yeast and their usage • pizza and Focaccia • panettone pastry • classical and modern cakes • Dessert dish: new trends • sugar Basics, how to process sugar decorations pulled, blown and cast. Decorations and chocolate processing • ice cream: the artisan ice-cream and catering • leavened pasta • creative • sweet little modern pastry ENOGASTRONOMIC • visit and lecture on coffee at the Lavazza Training Centre • visit to a laboratory for processing chocolate • visit of a cellar • visit to a cheese dairy • visit to a manufacturer of kitchen and catering equipment end-of-course Exams
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