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Italian Culinary Institute, Italy in Catanzaro - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Italian Culinary Institute, Italy
Address:Loc. Caminia
Locality: Stalettì (Catanzaro)

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Seaside: 2 minutes
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 45 minutes

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Work alongside English speaking master chefs in Italy's most stunning location in Calabria and discover the flavors, colors, techniques and gastronomy that exist only here. Every program always includes accommodations, all meals, course materials, gastronomic travel and much more!
Italian Culinary Institute, Italy

ICI (established as the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary & Pastry Arts) presents in-depth courses that cover every area of cuisine, baking, gelato and patisserie. All programs focus on developing innovative preparations and techniques to produce new menus, production lines and dishes. Particular attention is given to gustatory perception, flavor assemblies, express cooking, seasonal menu planning, plate art and modern alimentary standards for healthier eating.


Master Chef John Nocita; Master Pastry Chef Alex Urilli; Master Baker Nicola Stratoti

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Professional Cooking The Evolution of Italian Cuisine
Region: Calabria Locality: Stalettì (Catanzaro)
from: 16 September 2017 Duration: 2 weeks
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The most advanced full immersion culinary course available in Italy where particular attention is given to nutrition, gustatory perception, recipe development and spectacular plating presentations. Cultural exploration and travel in southern Italy & Sicily and fine dining highlight the experience. Advanced Technique Considering Regional Italian Cuisine's dominating influence in the world's top restaurants, this program focuses on techniques to develop innovative preparations for the modern restaurant based on new flavor assemblies, up-to-date alimentary standards for healthier eating and magnificent plating techniques, synthesizing haute cuisine with the simplicity of the Mediterranean. The Chef at 360 Deg. Several areas of the menu are prepared and presented including perfect base sauces, pastas, vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine. Special emphasis is placed on baking, integrating specialty breads, hearth breads and desserts into the chef's repertoire. New Recipe Development A side-by-side preparation of traditional and innovative Italian and European dishes are contrasted for flavors, colors and nutritive values giving participants the opportunity to see and taste the evolution of Italian cuisine and, most importantly, the ability to evolve his or her own technique for new recipe development. The techniques are evidenced by a final analysis of menus from the world's top Italian restaurants. Cultural Travel The history of cuisine is evidenced throughout the program and thus includes cultural travel to several different genres of restaurants as well as visits to artisan cheese makers, wine and olive oil producers and the hearth bakers that are unique to Italy. Professional Italian Cuisine Following the tradition of European advanced culinary training, all of your instructors are chefs active in the field. Chefs at the Institute are chosen not only for their long list of awards but, above all, on their present status as Italy's & Europe's most innovative masters. All creations during both the hands-on and demonstration parts of the program are examined in open discussion for structure, colors, diversity and consistency, nutritional equilibrium and harmony of flavors. Common errors that foreign chefs typically make while preparing Italian and European menus are corrected both during the prep process and while examining the completed menus. Critique and peer review are from the perspective of the diner as well as the culinary professional.
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