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Museo del Gusto in Turin - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Museo del Gusto
Address:Via Principe Amedeo, 42/a
Locality: Frossasco (Turin)
Museo del Gusto

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Cooking Workshops for children
Region: Piedmont Locality: Frossasco (Turin)
from: 1 December 2017 Duration: 1 hours
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Educational workshops are activities that can be carried out in combination with the guided tour of the Museum. All our laboratories are characterized by a strong visitor participation, which together will work to get a good result! All activities are designed for students between the ages of 3 and 18 years, and tailored to the needs will be modulated. The Museo del Gusto offers several workshops. List Workshops: prepare Chocolate lessons all together a recipe with chocolate. So much nice teamwork and. Yummy! The discovery of the senses: theoretical-practical workshop for children up to 6 years of age, discovering our senses and how they interact with the taste Pizza and Focaccia: knead all a delicious Rosemary focaccia and pizza, which then we can g ustare company! Muffins: divided into groups, we prepare these great treats for a snack! The garden on the table: we teach kids that the vegetables are delicious! Together we will go in the garden of the Museum to collect herbs that then we will use in the kitchen to prepare a recipe totally based on vegetables! Labels, these unknown: a new laboratory dedicated to labeling in the food and beverage sector, aimed at teens from middle school up, because next consumers to form regarding proper nutrition, which as we know Apart from knowledge of food. Cookies: prepare breakfast of tasty cookies can be served for breakfast or for a snack! Educational objectives and sensory characteristics of these activities have been studied with the aim to educate children and young people to greater dexterity, the spirit of cooperation and the handling of quality raw materials, under the careful supervision of chefs and Professional pastry chefs (as well as "Chef Gustavo", Chef and mascot of the Museo del Gusto! ). In addition, all our workshops provide active learning, to encourage long-term memory also of vocabulary related to the culinary world; Finally, very important objective that it plans to acquire majority control of movement and fine motor. All this, of course, peppered with a generous dose of fun! Museum Staff of taste poses extreme attention to possible allergies and intolerances during preparation of laboratories. For more information please contact us: e-mail: . It phone: + 39.0
Cooking Baked desserts
Region: Piedmont Locality: Frossasco (Turin)
from: 13 December 2017 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
From the simplest to the latest innovation in the industry, a cake that bakes in the oven, spreading to the House that scent full of memories, it's always a nice welcome. Learn the pastry together with our Chef! Recipes: Plum Apple Pie When Langhe? On 13 December 2017 at what time? From 19.00 to 22.00 Quanto costa? €40 the cost of the course includes: material for class disposable apron Water certificate of attendance minimum number of participants: 12 for info and reservations: 0121/ . It
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