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Recipe Venetian - Pastries

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Recipe Venetian - Pastries


500g of flour Manitoba
75g sugar
2 eggs
200ml milk
100g butter
1 cube of yeast
grated lemon peel
a pinch of salt
granulated sugar


1) Put the milk in a saucepan and add the butter to intiepidirlo that will melt; 2) Put in a container the flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, lemon zest and a pinch of salt; 3) Add the warm milk (which is melted butter); 4) Stir the mixture quickly and energetically up when away from the sides of the bowl; 5) Let rise in a warm place, covered with a cloth, for an hour and a half (will double in volume); 6) After this time re-mix quickly but then vigorously suddividare pasta making balls (dovrebbere will be about 18 pieces, for which one needs 2 baking sheets), distancing them well; 7) Make it rise for about 40 minutes; 8) Turn on the oven at 150/160 °; 9) After the leavening, before starting fema blinds, brush them with milk or egg white whipped just then cover them with granulated sugar, cook for about 12/13 minutes. (This is the recipe without cream that I do for the summer, can be filled with chocolate or jam at will, but it was delicious even so, this autumn we will make the Venetian pastry topped with cream)

Posted by: La Dolce Vita Pasticceria

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