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Art History Course in Venezia (Venice) from 12 September 2022

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Art Art History Course
Region: Veneto Locality: Venice
from: 12 September 2022 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
Thanks to the experience of our teachers, the students can learn and appreciate the masterpieces of the greatest Venetian artists in painting, sculpture and architecture from the middle-ages to the contemporary age. This experience will be unforgettable, since all the artistic works can be seen in the places they were designed for by Carpaccio, Bellini, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiepolo, Sansovino, Palladio, Canova, Scarpa and many others. Duration of course This course takes place from Monday to Friday and the lessons are held in the morning or in the afternoon for three hours (15 hours a week), according to the opening-hours of museums, palaces, Great Schools that are included in the weekly programme (presented during the first day at school).

Istituto Venezia
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)

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