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Mandilli de Saea in Genoa - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Mandilli de Saea
Address:Via Degli Ulivi, 180
Locality: Breccanecca
Cogorno (Genoa)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 20 minutes
Railway Station: 20 minutes
Airport: 40 minutes

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MANDILLI DE SAEA offers you an interesting idea for entertaining you during your vacation along the Ligurian Coast: learning the secrets of its cuisine and. . . . much more. Hands-on cooking lessons in Portofino's area, held in Anna's private kitchen, guided trips along the Riviera east of Genoa, guided shopping of the handcraft items still part of the local tradition and wine tasting tour are the main attactions available for you in this corner of Liguria.
Mandilli de Saea

"Mandilli de Saea" is an initiative started by the creativeness of Anna, a former B&B hostess and skilled cook, expert in Ligurian cuisine. Very active on the promotion of her area ( Tigullio Gulf and its inland), Anna offers hands-on cooking lessons in her private kitchen or at the customers'. They are based on Ligurian traditional cuisine and proposed to whoever likes to learn its secrets. Every lesson will end up enjoying a full meal together in the garden with a beautiful view over the gulf.


Anna Minghetti

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Cooking Winter Ligurian dishes for Christmas and more
Region: Liguria Locality: Cogorno (Genoa)
from: 1 December 2019 Duration: 10 weeks
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Seafood dishes in winter time in Liguria is never missing, even in the hinterland, but after the holidays the diet become more sober. For example if the “Cappon Magro” (rich vegetable and sea food dish) exalts the Christmas eve dinner, hake or cod meatballs are served as a warm and pleasant dish in the months before spring. A lot of dishes on the Ligurian winter tables are the ones based on cabbage like “stuffed gaggette” or baked vegetables, once cooked under the “testo” a rudimental oven based on a cast-iron bell placed on the fireplace. Even a rich and boiling hot Genoese vegetable soup, or a soup made out of beans and beets, the so-called “Beans in zemino”, are frequently present in this season. Corn or chestnuts flour breads and Polentas, the latter called “Panelle”, accompained by poor stewed meat such as tripe, pork and chicken, complete the winter diet as per the rural tradition. All this is offered in Anna's kitchen, on the hills of Lavagna, as menus for her cooking classes. You can book one or more lessons for a number of participants from 2 to 8.Each lesson will last from 3 to 4 hours with final meal all together.
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