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Mandilli de Saea in Genoa - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Mandilli de Saea
Address:Via Degli Ulivi, 180
Locality: Breccanecca
Cogorno (Genoa)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 20 minutes
Railway Station: 20 minutes
Airport: 40 minutes

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MANDILLI DE SAEA offers you an interesting idea for entertaining you during your vacation along the Ligurian Coast: learning the secrets of its cuisine and. . . . much more. Hands-on cooking lessons in Portofino's area, held in Anna's private kitchen, guided trips along the Riviera east of Genoa, guided shopping of the handcraft items still part of the local tradition and wine tasting tour are the main attactions available for you in this corner of Liguria.
Mandilli de Saea

"Mandilli de Saea" is an initiative started by the creativeness of Anna, a former B&B hostess and skilled cook, expert in Ligurian cuisine. Very active on the promotion of her area ( Tigullio Gulf and its inland), Anna offers hands-on cooking lessons in her private kitchen or at the customers'. They are based on Ligurian traditional cuisine and proposed to whoever likes to learn its secrets. Every lesson will end up enjoying a full meal together in the garden with a beautiful view over the gulf.


Anna Minghetti

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Cooking First produce menu
Region: Liguria Locality: Cogorno (Genoa)
from: 14 April 2018 Duration: 1 days
Availability and Prices Request
Anna, fond of Ligurian cuisine, proposes workshops of traditional Ligurian cooking in her private kitchen, placed on the hills of the Tigullio Gulf area, east of Genoa. The number of participantsshe can accept varies from 2 to 8 people, prices differ according to the number of persons and the selected menù. The total cost per person includes the lesson, the ingredients, wine for the final meal with Anna, the kitchen utensils and a copy of Anna's personal cookbook. The final meal will be served in the garden where you can enjoy a magnificent view over the gulf. A session of 3 hours lesson can be chosen either in the morning with final lunch or in the afternoon with final dinner. An ideal menu proposed by Ann could be the following: spinach beets pie, hand made fresh pasta "pansotti" filled with Prebbugiun herbs, rabbit casserole ligurian style, canestrelli biscuits.
Cooking Springtime menu
Region: Liguria Locality: Cogorno (Genoa)
from: 31 March 2018 Duration: 1 days
Availability and Prices Request
Anna, fond of Ligurian cuisine, offers a cooking workshops of 3 hours in her private kitchen, based on the preparation of local and traditional dishes, with use of fresh and local ingredients. You can choose to go for a morning session and end with a good lunch cooked together, or for an afternoon session finishing with the dinner. In both cases you will enjoy your meal in the garden being amazed by the beautiful view over the gulf. Wine is included in the price per person, along with the ingredients, the utensils and a cookbook edit by Anna. An ideal menu that Anna proposes in springtime is the following: croquettes or "frisceu" (fritters) with "prebbugiun" herbs, hand made fresh pasta "corzetti" with meat sauce, the meat of the sauce with fresh or sauted vegetables, and "sciumette" (small meringues floating in creamy sauce with cinnamon) as a dessert.
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