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Cooking School
ArteFormazione & Consulting
Address:Via Spoleto, 9
Locality: Centro
Torino (Turin)

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Railway Station: 2 minutes
Airport: 30 minutes

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ArteFormazione & Consulting

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Professional Cooking HACCP COURSE
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 22 January 2018 Duration: 8 hours
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The course refers to the legislation d. Lgs 193/07 s 852/2004,Reg. CE and on compulsory training for all those working in direct contact with food. The course replaces the old health card. At the end of the course is expected to issue a personal attendance certificate stamped and signed by licensed professional. The HACCP course lasts for 8 hours for those responsible, and has a periodicity variable update for region: Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Campania, Abruzzo, Calabria, Italy, Sicily, Umbria, Valle d'Aosta: updated every 3 years Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto: the update is listed in the HACCP manual, as established by the owner of the activity feed (employer). Recommended update frequency is 2 years. Friuli Venezia Giulia, Basilicata, Sardinia: updated every 2 years every 4 years update Liguria, Puglia Molise, Toscana: updated every 5 years.
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 1 March 2018 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The grip, whose name derives from the Latin pinsere (crush, stretch), started as a modern retelling of a recipe that dates back to Roman times when the farmers outside the walls thanks to the milling of cereals (millet, barley and spelt) and the addition of salt and herbs made these buns. Now using ingredients and techniques to move with the times, that allow to obtain a tasty, light and digestible. FIRST DAY – ROMAN GRIP Introduction and historical notes on the grip, shovel and pan product and composition, Roman history Roman grip proposition to customers. Food cost marketing strategies — day 2 – GRIP/ROMAN dough: kneading PADDLE kneading Theory direct, autolytic, biga and Polish flavoring Theory preparation: laying out random and disposition to sectors prepare topping and creams for the dressing: creamy pesto mascarpone cream Cream stracchino Philadelphia cream sauce Green Sauce Walnut Sauce preparation of semisolid cheeses and hard ingredients Available. Available in random areas and disposal. Presentation of Roman and Roman Pan grip. —-THIRD DAY – ROMAN GRIP/shovel Staglio and forming into balls tight Closure and soft closing Management of the closures according to schedule. Preparation and cooking of the bases. Handling and storing of the bases. Chilling and freezing of the bases. Staglio and forming into balls. Theory of seasonings and sauces. Preparation of tomato sauce. Use baby bottles for the dressing of the bases. Preparation of dressings and sauces. Preparation of the dough —-FOURTH DAY – ROMAN GRIP/shovel and baked preparation and cooking of the bases. Staglio and forming into balls. Preparation of the dough baked goods differ based on mixture of traditional breeches, calzonpinsa, panuozzi, grip: stuffed dumplings, pushed South. —-FIFTH DAY – ROMAN cooking bases and GRIP/shovel. Staglio and forming into balls. Preparation of the dough. Sweet pushed and pushed. —-SIXTH DAY – ROMAN PAN oven and setting plate Explanation and direct cooking temperature Pan Pizza Seasoning Cooking of Drafting basics stock preparation. —-SEVENTH DAY – ROMAN Practice, writing, BAKING PAN seasoning and cooking cold pizza preparation red white cold pizza —-EIGHTH DAY – ROMAN Practice, writing, BAKING PAN seasoning and cooking stuffed pizzas Pizzas desserts dough preparation —- NINTH DAY – ROMAN Practice, writing, BAKING PAN seasoning and stock preparation cooking school Management — TENTH DAY – WISE, examination and tasting
Professional Cooking Course for pizza-Pizzeria profession
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 22 January 2018 Duration: 100 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course is aimed at all those who want to learn to do, professionally, the most recognized Italian product and appreciated in the world: the Pizza. The aim of the course is to convey all the knowledge and skills that a good pizza should have to work in this sector. In recent years, the labour market requires more and more qualified staff, able to work independently and with speed. This is why our course is conducted not only within our own workshops but also within pizzerias affiliate to allow students to deal immediately with all the equipment and professional equipment will use on the job. Course syllabus: food hygiene HACCP system THEORY working equipment: various types of oven, mixers (spiral, dipping arms, forks) workbenches, coolers. Main raw materials: flour, water, salt, fat added flour depending on choice of fresh yeast dough: yeast, yeast, dried yeast dough types: chemical, Levites direct, indirect, Neapolitan STG levitation and maturation of the dough Toppings: tomato and mozzarella types, types of study of theoretical PRACTICE final exam Preparation pizza ingredients dough pizza dough preparation gachas Staglio balls manipulation of discs of pasta Toppings and fillings Baker: Bake and bake pizzas and gachas work in practical final exam speed.
Professional Cooking PASTRY BASE
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 15 January 2018 Duration: 38 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Confectionery course: HACCP basics: food hygiene legislation Pastry Dough pastry-based Production of biscuits-portion Tarts with fruit Pies from oven baking pastry Dough and whipped cream and jam Production and baking Sponge Cake Dough and baking biscuit Production Spain Production discs Wet browse meringues sponge cake made Spain Composition Composition Christmas log Preparation pastry cream production and baking pretzels and pizza Nancy quiche (pie) sweet cookies to browse (fans and poles) disks for Production and baking-feuille choux pastry cream (vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut) Filling cream puffs and donuts Composition meringue chocolate decorations Puff pastry Apple Cake Decoration Sugar composition whipped chocolate and PEAR cake Plum-cake, vanilla and chocolate drops final exam
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 8 January 2018 Duration: 88 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, Professional ice-cream to those who want to open their own gelato and wants professionalizzarsi and work with very thorough knowledge of the world ice-cream parlour. Course schedule the ice cream, some history. Ice cream and classification of various specialties of Italian ice-cream raw materials for ice cream: the main characteristics and features in ice cream manufacturing process and thorough knowledge of machines and equipment. The balance of ice cream mixes, basic mathematical principles. Production of different types of ice cream mixes (traditional creams and fruit flavors, new flavors and combinations, Sorbet and granite) the use of molds and the realization of special ice-cream sticks: gourmet, vegan, sugar-free. Introduction to marketing and business plans On Food Cost.
Professional Cooking COURSE ON ICE CREAM BASE
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 8 January 2018 Duration: 1 months
Availability and Prices Request
The course on ice cream has as its objective the training of professionals in the production of ice cream, able to follow the entire process of preparation and coordination of activities, from the selection of ingredients to the management of the laboratory ice cream parlor. The aim of this course is to provide all the practical skills necessary to enter the profession of ice cream makers, both employed, both independently. Course outline the different types of ice cream on the market today, fashions and trends. The processing stages that distinguish the real traditional Italian ice cream (stages and equipment) the professional figure of the ice cream maker, ice cream story Lab Setup Knowledge Solutions, pasteurization, equipment used for ice cream The raw materials to be used in ice-cream manufacturing process balancing techniques producing artisan: bases and mixes up a basic recipe and the evolution of the main products used customer service into cones and Cups: techniques and practical Exercises, simulations and practical simulations of ice-cream production
Professional Cooking COOKING/PREP COOK
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 8 January 2018 Duration: 38 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course is intended for all food lovers and professionals and provides for the establishment of a practical and theoretical lessons and working location with tasting of dishes products. The course is also aimed at all those who want to work in the kitchen alongside the Chef in the definition of recipes and menus, and in more complex dishes. At the end of the course the student will be able to deal with both the preparation and the presentation of the dishes, in addition to knowing how to choose the raw materials to be used. Course syllabus INTRODUCTION introduction and presentation of the course The Assistant Cook: who is and what it does. Principles for the proper management and maintenance of equipment The restaurant: the storage and treatment of raw materials and semi-finished products in kitchen catering kitchen organization and technologies of the work plan Type of cooking preparation of semi-finished products and vegetable dishes, meat, fish, pasta, sauces presentation types of cutting with a knife food preservation (HACCP Principles) cooking (appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts) Herbs herbs, vegetables, sauces, soups, cream tarts, salads and vegetable Quiche sauces Creams Carpaccio slices fresh and dry Pasta First meat and seafood rice and rice dishes Fish sauces and meats and cooking Crepes, their cooking, cleaning and filleting, dips the cuts and basic preparations Soups desserts and sweet sauces pastry Tarts Cakes to the dish and the spoon tiramisu.
Professional Cooking BARISTA AND BARTENDER
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 22 January 2018 Duration: 62 hours
Availability and Prices Request
HACCP program background history and geography of coffee roasting and Blending, how do I create a mixture preparation of bench-bar Knowledge and maintenance of Haccp bar service Organization: what it is and how it works Visual verification of the goods stored personal hygiene facilities, equipment and hygiene preparation of espresso, coffee grinding and tamping the coffee tasting: organoleptic differences Cappuccino in theory and practice The frothing Italian preparations: latte macchiato, Café latte, espresso, Moroccan, etc. Notes on Latte Art techniques Customer Management Department and bar room organization independently manage daily preparation setting up a buffet bar and room preparation and knowledge of the menu carefully collect and precise orders and requests, sending in a timely and clear cure the relationship with customers, coming into contact with guests with courtesy and grace Since the collection phase of orders to delivery of account activity and product promotion action-service offered by adopting business strategies within the team, communication and interpersonal skills in accordance with company standards The importance of the cocktail and the cocktail hour for a bar. What equipment is needed and how to use it. Shaker and glasses, the right ones, always useful and those sets. Supplies: which bottles will serve us really and what to avoid to avoid too much inventory? Technique of donaldvallestero use of dosing caps, bases of bartending, basic and spectacular versaggi. The 12 popular cocktail Negroni, Spritz, American, long drinks, crushed, the shots and the other best selling cocktail following the official codes set by the IBA to be always meet customer demands you face me a drink " non-alcoholic fruit. " Lots of practice in environment for bars: mixing, how to serve properly and many tricks of the trade. Knowing how to build a buffet for drinks with original ideas, low costs and without a professional kitchen. Themed aperitifs

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