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COOKiamo in Treviso - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Address:Via Fontane 87 A
Locality: Villorba (Treviso)

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Seaside: 30 minutes
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 15 minutes

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Treviso is a fabulous city of water, which is half an hour's drive from the Adriatic Sea and the city of Venice, and one hour from the Dolomiti Mountains - Unesco World Heritage. The Province of Treviso is marked by the waters of the Piave, Sile and Livenza Rivers, charming fluvial landscapes that intermingle with pretty hills and thriving fields that are dotted with elegant and stately homes. A land where the Capital - Treviso - is described by poets as a città cortese ("courteous city"), a... more

COOKiamo organizes cooking lesson in Veneto. COOKiamo also organizes team-building and individual courses for Italians and foreigners in the cities of Venice and Treviso.


Chef Martino Di Stefano, Giorgia Sarra, Felice De Sena

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Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 15 January 2018 Duration: 12 hours
Availability and Prices Request
We open the dance with a new thematic cooking curated by Angela M, a cook who has won our hearts and our palates for his ability to tell the food and to transmit a tremendous respect and passion for everything that revolves around. From the choice of raw materials, their processing, cooking techniques, the anecdotes and curiosities related to the world of cooking. Four dedicated evenings: FRESH PASTA from North to South on Thursday 15 February 2018,20.00 hours what would Italian without pasta? A good pasta dish combines, and always has a new opportunity to be together savoring the taste to share. And Italy, which have made the history of this food in the West, preserves the precious tradition of fresh pasta, real tribute to imagination and creativity. In this lesson we will boot, by learning the secrets to create typical regional meals, in a fascinating journey that goes from North to South! FRENCH March 1 2018,20.00 hours, Love French cuisine? This is a unique opportunity to learn or improve their culinary skills and experience traditional French recipes. Finding out why, as our Mediterranean diet, the "gastronomic meal of the French" was added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity! A workshop held by a cook who lived in France, to honor the French food and do just the taste of French food and culture! Thursday March 2018 15 TASTEFULLY OUTLINES, 20.00 hours how many times have we brainstormed some verve to vegetables? It is often thought the second such a dish made of fish or meat, but in reality the world of vegetables is incredibly varied and rich in possibilities. With the different vegetables, depending on what nature has to offer with the seasons, you can indulge creating healthy recipes and delicious! A course to approach, without prejudices contrasting sometimes vegetarians and omnivores, the fantastic universe of green kitchen! DESSERTS NO OVEN Thursday, March 29,2018 hours 20.00 Crispy or spoon, but still sweet, here are the course devoted entirely to the delights to be realized without the use of the oven to the delight of children and adults. A few tricks, the right recipes and a little imagination, guided by our Angela M to create small works of pastry, satisfy the most demanding palates and make every sweet preparation the occasion for a special party. The icing on the cake to take our guests to the throat!
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 25 January 2018 Duration: 20 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The 5th Edition of the course of basic techniques with Angela M! The course is aimed at both those unfamiliar in the kitchen, that those who have already attended the course and want to learn new concepts, related to the basics of cooking. The dishes in preparation will be different from previous courses. Angela will teach us not only to perform basic recipes made as God intended, but especially the General techniques which can be applied always, from the simplest dishes to elaborate. The course is structured in 6 evening appointments: 6 lessons to learn all the secrets of good food, figure out how to choose and make the most of the ingredients and utensils, not least learn and engage with people who have your same desire to learn the art of cooking. Angela will teach us especially cooking techniques and methods both theoretical and with the actual implementation of the dishes. Students will be invited to collaborate actively in some steps of preparing the recipes respecting the individual ways of learning (some people prefer to just watch and take notes and who prefers instead "put your hands in the dough\"! ); recommended is of course try the recipes seen in class at home in order to get to the next lesson with doubts and questions. PROGRAM "ABC. BASIC TECHNIQUES IN the KITCHEN "Thursday 25 JANUARY 2018: the STARTERS Thursday 8 FEBRUARY 2018: the PASTA and sauces Thursday 22 FEBRUARY 2018: rice, soups and cereal Thursday 8 MARCH 2018: clean, FILLET and COOK FISH Thursday 22 MARCH 2018: meat: recognize it and SEW NARLA Thursday 5 APRIL 2018: desserts Without an OVEN
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 17 January 2018 Duration: 15 hours
Availability and Prices Request
A cooking class in five evening appointments that will deepen the themes of Donburi, Ramen, Sushi and Sashimi, Gyoza and the Street Food. An immersion in Japanese cuisine guided by Chef Yuri Kagawa. Originally from Tokyo, for over 15 years, Yuri lives in Italy and is engaged in spreading the real kitchen of the rising sun: the authentic one and daily that all Japanese know and appreciate, away from the so called fusion, which uses classic ingredients but also easy to find in our area. One way to get closer to the beauty, diversity, flavors, colors and geometry of this fascinating culture. You can attend the entire course or individual lessons, which will be: January 17,2018,20.00 hours DONBURI The Donburi (丼ぶり), or "don" is an irresistible dish, characteristic of traditional Japanese cuisine. Literally means "bowl" and consists of a main dish with rice which is accompanied by meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. In Japan there are countless variations, depending on the combination of the different ingredients. In this event, for the first time to COOKiamo, we will learn the steps to realize the Katsudon with rice and breaded meat in sweet and sour sauce, succulent chicken Oyakodon and eggs, always in sweet and sour sauce, and pickled vegetables No Yasai Suzuke. January 31,2018,20.00 hours RAMEN we'll learn the secrets to prepare a very good Ramen (ラーメン, rāmen 拉麺), the typical Japanese soup with meat, noodles and eggs, filled with Oriental aromas which is depopulated into half-globe. The famous "noodles" of wheat soup, a dish seem deceptively simple to make, but to get a true flavour requires a particular mode of preparation. During the class we will see what are the steps to achieve the perfect stock for this dish, roast pork in sweet and sour sauce, the rice balls Tsukudani and Onighiri. 21 February 2018,sushi and SASHIMI, at 20.00 in the art of Sushi the variety of the dish comes from the choice of fillings and toppings, condiments and in how they are combined. We learn how, with the same ingredients, their different assembly can create effects of taste completely different. We will learn to prepare Futomaki, Hosomaki, Uramaki, Sashimi and the delicious balls of Nighiri; What kind of rice you use, how to cook them properly, which sauces pair, as filleting and treat the fish for Sushi and chop finely to the Sashimi. Cookiamo_giapponese_yuri_kagawa_03 February 28,2018,20.00 hours GYOZA an evening dedicated to the delicious meat ravioli, which in Japan are called Gyoza (餃子, gyōza)! Understand how to prepare the dough of flour, two variants of minced meat (meat and veg), sweet and sour cabbage salad, rice and two types of salsa. Creating an embroidery with finger pressure to close your dumplings, crispy crust pregusteremo sensation of biting the Gyoza and sink into the softness of the filling. JAPAN March 7,2018,STREET FOOD hours 20.00 a magnifying glass on nipponese prêt-à-porter. A must among the intricacies of Japanese street food with healthy recipes and delicious: we will learn how to make the batter, crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside special Okonomiyaki, and the succulent sauce which famously accompanies it; Learn the secrets of one Yakisoba with noodles and seafood done to perfection; Discover the regional variations and many tricks of the trade in japan!
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 13 November 2017 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
TORTELLINO GREEDY Wednesday 13 December, at 20.00 none better than a bolognese doc as Angela M can introduce us to the world of tortellino. Typical Emilian cuisine, among the world's best-known egg pasta, requires much patience and dedication in preparing, elements that make this dish unique and inimitable! Diminutive of tortello that derives in turn from the word "cake", just to show that as a Small cake, even the tortellini can be stuffed. In this lesson we will learn how to prepare the broth and the dough, like pull it as package them and understand the variations of the filling. A unique opportunity to learn the art of tortellino, and take your throat family or friends, perhaps in view of Christmas.
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 29 November 2017 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
On 29 November, at 20.00,DUMPLING CHARM an evergreen by the charm and undisputed goodies. A mini course to learn how to prepare these soft gems, so simple yet tricky to get the right consistency. There are several tricks to keep in mind for success: understand how to perform mixes and the solids, the cooking methods, preparation of sauces together, impiattamento. Angela will teach us to give shape to four different dumplings, potato, and not only its sauces, to achieve the "perfect dumpling\".
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 15 November 2017 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
WHOLE PUMPKIN! Wednesday, 15 November, at 20.00 triumphant Queen of the boards, the pumpkin is a seasonal product high in fiber, minerals and vitamins that can be interpreted in a thousand recipes. The excellent nutritional values associated with numerous beneficial properties for the body and its health, make the pumpkin a great product, to put in the shopping cart at least a couple of times a week. This appointment Angela will provide us with a wealth of information to treat this vegetable with a delicate flavor and will teach us step-by-step recipes to create an appetizer, a velvety and a second plate with which impress your dinner guests! ANGELA M: class of ' 78,bolognese of adoption, birth of Treviso. Passionate about since I was a child everything revolves around food. For her the kitchen is colour, simplicity, love and respect. Specialist in the history and culture of nutrition, he managed for years a wine club in the heart of Bologna, making his experience and confronting great professionals. AIS sommelier since ,holds cooking classes by 2013,gets the certificate Alma at the famous Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana di Parma in 2014,and becomes a guest examiner for that school. Today's food and wine consultant, master of taste and sommelier. Author of two blogs, the most famous sisters in pot (among the most followed foodblog Italy) and the recently published blog good stories run solely by Angela and where you can get to know her better. In 2013,with sister Chiara Maci, Italy award at the table as an Opinion Leader of the year. Angela is also the author of two cookbooks: In two it's more fun (Pendragon editions, 2011) and histories of at-sea. From the Gallura Vermentino (Delfino Editore, 2016). _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ when: Wednesday 15 November, starting November 29 and Wednesday, December 13 follow hours: 20.00 – 23.00 22.30/where: in the workshop space for developing highly creative Fountains 87A, Villorba (Treviso). We are inside the old Fountains, next to Galloway and the theatre of bread, a few steps from Viale della Repubblica costs: €135 the entire course (including membership) INFO and registration: Cookiamo, Associazione Culturale HAT Studio, up to achievement places (minimum 12 – max 20 participants). A reservation is required. Giorgia 347.9780123 cookiamo. . Com
Region: Veneto Locality: Villorba (Treviso)
from: 22 November 2017 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The LIGHTNESS of the 22 November 2017,TEMPURA, 20.00 hrs we will unveil the techniques to make Yuri Kagawa perfectly this dish, Japanese cuisine must: how to make the batter so that it is a light and crispy fried, how to treat the vegetables, the fish and white rice to the Japanese, how to achieve the typical sauce Tentsuyu in conjunction, and – not least – how to control the temperature. For fans of the genre, an unmissable meeting where the tempura will star ever! Info and registration: Cookiamo/cultural association HAT Studio, registration before 25 October (until seats). A reservation is required. Giorgia 347.9780123 cookiamo. . Com
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