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Scuola Pizzaioli Margherita2000 in Padova - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Scuola Pizzaioli Margherita2000
Address:Via Mussato
Locality: Abano Terme (Padova)

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Seaside: 30 minutes
Railway Station: 30 minutes
Airport: 30 minutes

Scuola Pizzaioli Margherita2000


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Cooking Bagpipe Course
Region: Veneto Locality: Abano Terme (Padova)
from: 2 October 2017 Duration: 45 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The Scottish bagpipe and medieval course is held from late September at the school of popular music of Veneto, via A. Mussato 12 in Abano Terme. The lessons are head to head and agreed upon directly with the teacher, Danilo Turchesi. Teacher and musician, and also constructor of bagpipes, Danilo Turchetti lives in the world of bagpipes for about two decades. Medieval music fan since 2000 sounds this magic tool in the main Italian historical manifestations. Since 2007 he is dedicated to transmt this passion as a teacher, with success: his classes, typically frontal, enable student to learn quickly, at the same time respecting their training time and specific characters. Danilo involves his students trying to address them to the world of Folk music - because nothing for an apprentice musician is more motivati than. Play, producono immediately catchy music for an audience of lovers or dancers. Danilo is a complete teacher: he often partecipate as a presenter at conferences dedicated to bagpipes, their history and construction techniques, lecture-concerts and laboratories. His knowledge of bagpipes is far beyond the technique and the ability to produce and perform music: Danilo knows also the construction technique of this ancient instrument. Trainer as a lutist in the workshop of Maestro Walter Rizzo, French bagpipes lutist, thanks to him Danilo approaces a world of precious essences, precise gestures, infinite patience and passion for crafts and music. Since 2005 Danilo has its own laboratory where he carries out a personal research focused on ancient bagpipes, continuing to travel in Italy and abroad to confront many skilled builders and Luthiers in search of continuous improvement of his instruments.
Cooking Homemade bread-making course
Region: Veneto Locality: Abano Terme (Padova)
from: 26 November 2017 Duration: 2 days
Availability and Prices Request
A master Baker will guide you through the secrets of baking to make the best homemade bread case according to the principles of leavening, ripening, digestibility. Practical course with the use of traditional and special, complete, integral flour, Kamut, ancient grains, soy, yeast, sourdough, no need for prover
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