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Lingua Ideale- Centro Universitario di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri in Pesaro-Urbino - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

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Language School
Lingua Ideale- Centro Universitario di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri
Address:Via Saffi 42
Locality: Urbino (Pesaro-Urbino)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 45 minutes
Railway Station: 45 minutes
Airport: 90 minutes

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Welcoming atmosphere, peace, culture, delicious food and wonderful landscapes as far as the eye can see: that's what those who choose to come to Urbino will find. Perfect expression of the Italian civilization, for its art, history and landscapes, Urbino raises between two pleasant valleys, merging in harmony with the surrounding green hills. Two steps away from the Adriatic Sea and the Central Apennines, Urbino rises in an enviable location where you can completely enjoy the varied Italian... more
Lingua Ideale- Centro Universitario di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri

Lingua Ideale, the new spin-off company of the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", was established to answer the growing interest in the Italian language and culture both at home and abroad. The idea of founding Lingua Ideale originates from our big passion for our country, and from the desire to pass it on to our students with care and professionalism. Our mission is to offer courses of Italian language and culture to foreigners which are carefully designed to meet the linguistic and professional needs of different users profiles.

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Language Culture Intensive course of Italian language and culture
Region: Marches Locality: Urbino (Pesaro-Urbino)
from: 11 September 2017 Duration: 3 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The intensive course is intended for foreign, university and LLP/Erasmus students registered at the University of Urbino. During the course, students will acquire the necessary linguistic, social, practical and cultural skills to handle academic studies effectively and perform everyday tasks independently, and also to deepen and get an understanding of the most interesting aspects of the Italian culture. The course is also an excellent opportunity to meet other foreign students and learn together how to interact with the University world in Urbino. Lessons are from Monday to Friday, from 9 a. M. to 1 p. M, for a total of 20 hours per week. At the end of the course, students can take an end-of-course test; passing the test corresponds to 6 ECTS. A certificate of attendance will be issued on demand to those who attended the lessons regularly (maximum 20% of absences). Price: 370 euro
Language Cooking Culture Course Rossini
Region: Marches Locality: Urbino (Pesaro-Urbino)
from: 27 February 2017 Duration: 1 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The course, inspired by Gioachino Rossini's operas and his refined menues, is an opportunity to learn and improve the knowledge of the Italian language and culture while discovering the secrets of the popular and renown Italian cuisine. PERIOD: EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR (from 1 week to 4 weeks) PROGRAM: Every morning italian language course 9: 00-11: 00 am Monday: 2: 00-4: 00 pm discovering Urbino (guided visit at the Palazzo Ducale and short walk around downtown) Tuesday: 5: 30-9: 30 pm lab-course in the kitchen with Rossini with dinner Wednesday: 5: 30-9: 30 pm lab-course in the kitchen with Rossini with dinner Thursday: 4: 30-10: 30 pm looking around in Rossini's house (visit al the childhood home of the composer, the renowned Rossini locations and themed dinner) Friday: 5: 30-9: 30 pm lab-course in the kitchen with Rossini with dinner Price: 1 PERSON: € 1150 2 PEOPLE: € 890 per person 3 PEOPLE: € 780 per person 4 PEOPLE: € 690 per person 5 PEOPLE: €610 per person 6 PEOPLE: € 560 per person 7 PEOPLE: € 510 per person included in the price: italian language course, cooking lab-course with 4 dinners; guided tour of Urbino and entrance ticket to Palazzo Ducale; transport to the city of Pesaro and related guided visit; entrance ticket to the childhood home of Rossini and Rossini dinner For any further information. It
Language Do you love bikes? L'Italiano in Bici!
Region: Marches Locality: Urbino (Pesaro-Urbino)
from: 14 May 2017 Duration: 1 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
Do you love racing bikes or mountain bikes? Are you passionate about Italian language and culture? Combine your passions by experiencing a fantastic adventure that will allow you to learn or perfect the Italian language in the city of Urbino (The Marche Region), wealthy of history and culture while also perform unforgettable tours by racing bike or mountain bike and explore unique landscapes across Italy! Italian language course: 15 hours of lessons, subdivided in 5 afternoons from Monday to Friday from 3: 00 p. M. to 6: 30 p. M. Levels: A0,A1,A2,B1,B2,C1.Minimum number of participants: 4 1 hour lesson = 60 minutes Racing bike program: Urbino and its surroundings are the ideal place for charming bike tours in the hills, mountains and planes, all at the discovery of a territory that is rich in history, natural wonders and priceless historical monuments. Our itineraries are all designed and subdivided by athletic preparation levels of the participants and they will lead you to explore medieval castles and villages and breathtaking landscapes. SCHEDULE: 4 weekly morning tours are planned, from a minimum of 2.5 hours to a maximum of 5 hours. Mountain bike program: For mountain bike enthusiasts, the unpaved roads in Urbino and surrounding areas are many and varied: country roads, farm roads or paths that follow the cattle. Easy bike rides at the bottom of the valley or more demanding and challenging ones on the hills; protected natural areas or natural parks, dirt roads that connected the magnificent villages and well kept historical centers. Each trail will be rich in nature, history, culture and tradition. SCHEDULE: 4 weekly morning tours are planned, subdivided in 2 types of field trips (easy and medium-challenging) and 2 mountain bike school days (basic and advanced) Guided tour to Urbino: A guided tour in English is planned to two main sightseeing locations: The "Palazzo Ducale", which houses the National Gallery of the Marche region, where it is possible to admire the wonderful court of Federico da Montefeltro and his famous "Studiolo" in inled wood; the extraordinary "Oratorio" of Saint Giovanni Battista, with his precious cycle of frescoes by the Salimbeni brothers, dating back to the fifteenth century. Accommodation: Each participant will be hosted at the 3 star hotels in Urbino (BB treatment), carefully selected and located downtown or among the green hills just past the city walls. Overnight stay and breakfast are included in the service offered and they include a 6-night stay (arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday morning). Meals: 6 dinners will be offered to each participant in different restaurants of the city. Period of the lessons May 14th-20th 2017 June 11th-17th 2017 September 17th-23rd 2017 minimum number of students in each level: 4 ECTS: 1 Racing bike program: With own racing bike along: € 970,00* Without own racing bike along: € 1080,00* Mountain bike program: With own racing bike along: € 865,00* Without own mountain bike along: € 975,00* *Groups are reduced (a minimum of 10 students of the same language level): 5% discount

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