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Cooking School
ArteFormazione & Consulting
Address:Corso Regina Margherita, 304
Locality: Centro
Torino (Turin)

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Railway Station: 2 minutes
Airport: 30 minutes

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ArteFormazione & Consulting

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Professional Cooking Gelateria - Professional Course
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 5 September 2019 Duration: 68 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course of Professional Ice Cream is aimed at future entrepreneurs, for those who want to open their own ice cream shop and want to professionalize and work with very in-depth knowledge of the world of artisan gelato. The course is structured in a total of 68 hours of training, of which 60 hours of theoretical and practical training where all the concepts of ice cream chemistry, management and maintenance of machinery and practical techniques of production of homemade ice cream are treated and analyzed with continuous exercises on equipment and machinery of known brands and 8 hours of HACCP food hygiene, with release of legal certification. The course takes place on the dates and at the times in which the student makes himself available. The course is open to everyone, without age limits, without special access requirements and even without experience because it always starts from scratch. Course program Ice cream, historical notes. Classification of ice cream and various Italian ice cream specialties Raw materials in ice cream: the main properties and functionality in ice cream The production process and in-depth knowledge of machines and equipment. The balance of ice cream mixtures, basic mathematical principles. Craft production of different types of ice cream mixes (traditional cream and fruit flavors, new flavors and combinations, sorbets and granita) The use of molds and the creation of ice cream sticks Special ice creams: gastronomic, vegan, without sugar. Marketing and business plan outlines The Food Cost.
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 5 September 2019 Duration: 70 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The Professional Pastry Course starts with the information for the pastry base and comes to more complex processing to allow students to know, learn and master all the preparation techniques for sweets and baked goods, addressing the most important technical issues nutritional And Through Practical Preparation and always alongside our Teachers Pastry Chefs. Course program Pastry theory HACCP: hygienic production The normal and meringue cake Preparation of Creams Cake assembly Short pastry Puff pastry cookie Ganache and Glasse Millefoglie (puff pastry) Meringues and Bignè Spout decorations Savory pastry Classic Sponge Cake Sponge Cake With Chocolate Chess cake Bases for single portions (Biscuit and Frolla) Panna Cotta Single-portion + Cake decoration English cream Bavarians (Mignon stratification and single portion) Bavarian decoration Italian Meringue preparation for Monoporzione with Lemon Cake decoration Advanced decoration in chocolate Decoration in artistic sugar English biscuits eggnog tiramisu Parisian cake Craquelin Choux in monoportion Modern cake and decoration Plum cake Sacher cakes Module exam
Professional Cooking Professionalising Pizzeria Course
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 10 September 2019 Duration: 48 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course is aimed at all those who want to learn how to make, in a professional manner, the most recognized and appreciated Italian product in the world: Pizza. The course intends to convey all the knowledge and skills that a good pizza chef must have to work in this sector, for this reason the course is extremely practical and alongside our Master Pizzaiolo Francesco Bellocchio, award-winning Pizzaiolo in various national and world competitions. Course program Theoretical part Cereals: wheat and flour. Production, degree of refining, method of La Farina: organoleptic characteristics, proteins, gluten, starch, enzymes. Choice of flour based on the type of work available equipment and schedules. Water and organoleptic characteristics. Water temperature calculation for dough handling Yeast (the different types on the market) Salt Fats Rising and maturation of a dough both at T. A. that to T. C. Equipment in pizzerias: preparation table, small parts, kneading machines (type of mixer). Ovens: electric, gas and wood-burning: characteristics and cooking methods Kind of pizza? Classical, pan, pan, Neapolitan, Roman pins, shovel, gourmet. For any future refresher course. The HACCP system: food hygiene Practical part Preparation of the dough for classic pizza with a dough mixer Preparation and formation of loaves Handling and spreading the dough Kneading methods: direct and indirect (poolish and chariot) The management of refrigerated mixtures (t. C.) The condiments Practice of spreading, filling and cooking Recovery of unsold balls (bread) Preparation of ingredients according to the menu Theoretical and practical exam. FOR MORE DETAILS DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 5 September 2019 Duration: 40 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The barman cocktail course is a basic course in full immersion with a very clear objective: to give the fundamental knowledge not only to the student who wants to undertake the profession of barman, but to those who are opening an activity in the cafeteria and administration and does not yet have the right experience and, in a short time, wants to learn and lay a solid foundation of work. The course is structured with little theory and a great deal of practice, favored by the small number of participants. During the hours of lessons, the most common situations and requests will be addressed, simulating and preparing the cocktails that will then be found in the real work environment. In addition, many food ideas to set up an attractive aperitif. Course program The importance of cocktails and aperitifs for a bar. What equipment is needed and how to use it. Shakers and glasses, the right ones, always useful and those in fashion. Supplies: which bottles will we really need and what should we avoid to avoid too much stock? Pouring technique Use of dosing caps, bartending bases, basic and spectacular pourings. The 12 most requested cocktails: the Negroni, the Spritz, the American, the long drinks, the beatings, the shottini and the other best-selling cocktails following the official codes set by the IBA Always being up to the customers' requests "let me make you a non-alcoholic fruit aperitif. " A lot of practice in a bar environment: mixing, how to serve it correctly and many tricks of the trade. Knowing how to build an aperitif buffet with original ideas, low costs and without a professional kitchen. Theme aperitifs Exam with practical test inside the room. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.
Professional Cooking FRESH PASTA
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 4 September 2019 Duration: 50 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course Fresh pasta - professional course, intends to return a detailed knowledge on the techniques of making and preserving the dough, production and preservation of the dough rolled out by hand, up to the techniques of making fresh pasta stuffed and not stuffed. The course is entirely practical. Moreover, during the course, you will learn the techniques of selection and processing of semolina and alternative flours, as well as of unconventional raw materials useful for coloring, decorating and flavoring puff pastries and pasta The aim of the course is also to provide elements related to the science of nutrition and biochemistry applied to preparations: - High protein value; - Low glycemic index; - Balanced; - Gluten free; - Low gluten content The course is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals of fresh pasta. The course includes the HACCP module, lasting 8 hours, mandatory by law for all those who handle food as required by Legislative Decree 193/07 and subsequent amendments, Reg. CE 852/2004 with the issue of a legal certificate. Course program HACCP regulation Historical / geographical, scientific / nutritional introduction for each raw material used Making the dough Dough preservation Introduction to tools Molds for corzetti Rosonittas Castors Cut Sardinian pasta Ferretti for hollowed pasta Preparation of formats derived from the Ligurian and central southern Italian traditions Introduction to tools Knuckles / Cutters Pastry Cutter Traditional Pasta Cup Anolinatrice ravioli Preparation of formats derived from the Emilian and central-northern Italian tradition The two roasts of the agnolotto from Turin The three roasts of the Plin langarolo Filling of the Bolognese tortellino Filling of the Emilia tortellone based on ricotta and spinach Stuffed with pumpkin, amaretto and mostrada Vegetarian (lean) fillings selected on a seasonal seasonal vegetable base Stuffed vegan Ancient Italian grains (Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina; Tumminia durum wheat semolina; Saragolla durum wheat semolina) Legume flours; - Spelled flour; Whole flour and semolina; FiberPasta flour - Khorasan durum wheat semolina; Flour obtained from alternative cereals (Orzo, Segale, Avena); Gluten-free flours (Buckwheat; Teff; Quinoa, Amaranth); Burnt wheat Making of pasta and multicolor pasta Preparation Origami / Pasta (treat the dough as an origami paper for the preparation of unconventional formats) Super Food (Algae, The matcha, curcuma etc. ). Cocoa; Coffee; Small fruits (blueberry, currant, raspberry, blackberry); Dried flowers (Malva, lavender, etc. .); Made pasta shapes: noodles Pappardelle Tajarin Ligurian Troffie Ligurian Corzetti Emilian graganelli Orecchiette / Orecchiotte / Orecchioni Busiate Trapani Macaroni with iron Unconventional formats (Leaves; Garlands; Emilian Strichett; Istrian Fusi) Agnolotti / Ravioli / Tortelli filled with meat (two roasts: beef, pork loin, spinach, rice) Agnolottini dal Plin langaroli (three roasts: beef, pork loin, rabbit) Tortellini di Bologna (* Recipe deposited) Unconventional formats (Priest's hats; Cappellaz; Decorated squares) filled with lean and vegan stuffed Agnolotti / Ravioli / Tortelli filled with meat (two roasts: beef, pork loin, spinach, rice) Agnolottini dal Plin langaroli (three roasts: beef, pork loin, rabbit) Tortellini di Bologna (Recipe deposited) Unconventional formats (Cappelli del prete; Cappellaz)
Professional Cooking COFFEE BAR COURSE
Region: Piedmont Locality: Turin
from: 4 September 2019 Duration: 40 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The course is aimed at all those who want to work as baristas and who want to acquire solid foundations in the preparation of all coffee drinks as well as all those who want to open their own business to work professionally and competently in contact with customers. The course is carried out by trained trainers, international coffee tasters, partner coffee roasters and people who are well known in the coffee world to ensure a high level of education. The goal of the Bar Cafeteria course is to get the production techniques in the cafeteria by passing from theory to practice with professional tools and continuous exercise: the course is practical and innovative, carried out with few people to guarantee quality training and better learning. During the course we will analyze all aspects of the Cafeteria Bar, from coffee processing techniques, to roasting and professional tasting, from brewing to Latte Art techniques, from customer service to professional machine management. The course includes the HACCP module, lasting 8 hours, mandatory by law for all those who handle food as required by Legislative Decree 193/07 and subsequent amendments, Reg. CE 852/2004 with the issue of a legal certificate. Course program HACCP regulation Notes on the history and geography of coffee Roasting and blending, how to create a mixture Set up of the bar-counter Machine knowledge and maintenance Bar service organization Haccp system: what it is and how it works Visual inspection The verification of the stored goods Hygiene of structures, equipment and personal hygiene The preparation of the espresso, the grinding and pressing of the coffee Coffee tasting: organoleptic differences The Capuchin in theory and practice The milk setting Italian preparations: latte macchiato, coffee latte, espresso, Moroccan, etc. Notes on Latte Art techniques Customer management The organization of the room and the bar department Independently manage the daily preparation of the room and bar Buffet setup Processing and knowledge of the menu Collect orders and requests with care and precision, transmitting them in a timely and clear manner Taking care of the relationship with the customers, coming into contact with the guests with courtesy and grace from the order collection phase to the delivery of the account Implement actions to promote the activity and product-service offered by adopting within the work team communication and relational strategies in compliance with company standards.

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