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Food Genius Academy in Milan - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Food Genius Academy
Address:Viale Col Di Lana, 8
Locality: Milano (Milan)


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Food Genius Academy is based in Milano, Bologna and Torino.

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Food Genius Academy

Food Genius Academy is a professional school focused on Italian gourmet cooking courses, Pastry and Floor & Wine Cellar Management. The educational offer is practical and enticing as it not only builds a solid workshop basis with a highly qualified teaching staff, but it also comprises an internship experience in the field in close contact with the most important Chefs of the Italian and international culinary scene.

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Professional Cooking Professional pastry class
Region: Lombardy Locality: Milan
from: 11 June 2018 Duration: 250 hours
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PROFESSIONAL COURSE of PASTRY pastry art is something which goes beyond the rest of the kitchen. It's a world apart with techniques, timing and different tools. If you decide to take this route, you will have to learn a new language made of patience, dedication and attention to detail. A world where creativity can run free and where the aesthetics of their work becomes an imperative!
Professional Cooking Gourmet cooking course
Region: Lombardy Locality: Milan
from: 11 June 2018 Duration: 250 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The main goal of our school is for students to learn the art of cooking directly in the field. We offer fast and effective practical courses, which allow not only to learn the fundamental techniques of cooking, but mostly do to really understand the true meaning of being a chef and "working behind the stove", learning the tricks of the trade that allow start for the world of work with the features of a true professional. Each theme is addressed with a practical approach: through the professional experience of the chef-trainer, students have the opportunity to deal directly with the job market awaiting them. COURSE DESCRIPTION the course FGA is a practical course and performing. HACCP, behavioral ethics in the kitchen, cutting, filleting, cleaning of food topics are the basis for the course. We proceed with lessons on kitchen equipment, structure of the Brigade and on notions of food science to the technical procedures and cooking lessons in creativity and cooking line simulations and pre-trial investigation. Moreover, the presence of an additional module on management of catering prepares who wants to open a restaurant or any other activity related to food and wine.
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