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Scuola Studio Arrais in Cagliari - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Scuola Studio Arrais
Address:c/o Casa Spadaccino Via: LOC. SU LOI, KM 13 400 Civico: SNC Capoterra
Locality: Su Loi
Capoterra (Cagliari)

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Seaside: 5 minutes
Railway Station: 30 minutes
Airport: 30 minutes

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Sardinia is 270 km long and 120 km wide. The four extreme points are Capo Falcone in the north, Capo Teulada in the south, Capo Comino in the east and Capo Argentiera in the west. There are four gulfs on each side of the island: the gulf of Asinara in the north, the gulf of Cagliari in the south, the gulf of Orosei in the east and the gulf of Oristano in the west. The coast of Sardinia is approximately 1400 km long; the eastern and northern coasts mainly consist of tall rocky cliffs. In the... more
Scuola Studio Arrais

Our courses, they want to learn the craft and design of Sardinia to the rest of the world. Foreigners who know little of Sardinia, will appreciate the peculiarity and typical Sardinian art, its colors and its customs. OF COURSE DESIGN JEWELLERY, and the course of filigree and granulation. The course will be held at in an old house campidanese, And at a goldsmith sardo. Le lessons are conducted twice a week.


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Professional Cooking Intensive monthly course in jewelry design
Region: Sardinia Locality: Capoterra (Cagliari)
from: 1 July 2020 Duration: 4 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The monthly intensive course lasts 80 hours and has a daily frequency. It is a course designed for students who want to learn the knowledge of jewelry design in a shorter time. The student carries out stylistic, graphic, architectural and photographic research for the realization of his own collection consisting of a ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings of his own inspiration. Learn the use of watercolor pencils, watercolors and tempera for coloring drawings. Performs the creation of data sheets through descriptive geometry and orthogonal projections and graphically creates each of the jewels. The student then learns the use of three software’s (Rhinoceros, Flamingo, Techgem) for the 3D reproduction on computer of their creations. At the end of the course, the students receive a certificate of attendance.
Professional Cooking Online jewelry design course
Region: Sardinia Locality: Capoterra (Cagliari)
from: 1 July 2020 Duration: 3 months
Availability and Prices Request
The online jeweler design course has been designed specifically for people who cannot attend personally and takes place through a series of video tutorials. It is divided into packages and allows the student to independently and comfortably follow a specific program. The lessons are very similar to those followed by those who attend in person: they start from the basics of jewelry design and, developing the idea, they go as far as the design and development of a form, with consequent graphic and pictorial elaboration, realization of the design three-dimensional and millimeter measurements. The video tutorials (which I held personally) are associated with a pdf documentation containing photocopies of settings, closures, joints and a list of the necessary materials. I have provided the possibility to ask questions via email or Skype directly to me, which I can supplement the course with three distance lessons a week. It is also possible to send me the exercises so that I can correct them. At the end of the course, upon verification of the design tables and subsequent final evaluation, a certificate of participation will be issued. I provide the seven tutorials immediately after the purchase.
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