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otto in cucina in Bologna - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Emilia Romagna
Emilia - Romagna
Cooking School
otto in cucina
Address:Via Del Genio, 8
Locality: Bologna (Bologna)

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Railway Station: 20 minutes
Airport: 20 minutes

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Bologna historic city with many monuments and museums to visit. The Towers of Bologna is one of the hallmarks of the city. Of the many towers that were built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, today there are less than twenty. Heart of the city, Piazza Maggiore. It is famous for the Fountain of Neptune, which is overlooked by the most important buildings of the medieval city: the fourteenth century Palazzo Comunale, the sixteenth-century Palazzo dei Bianchi and the imposing Basilica... more
otto in cucina

Courses are held with a limited number of participants to allow teachers to give special care of every aspect of the work done, all in an absolutely family pampers participants all the time. After each course we do a tasting of the prepared dishes accompanied by a glass of wine. We make various types of courses: cooking, pastry, bakery, sweets.


La nostra filosofia è quella di scegliere i docenti in base alla loro specializzazione, docenti professionisti nel proprio settore: chef, pasticceri, fornai e sfoglina.

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Cooking Basic cooking course in 6 lessons
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Bologna
from: 8 February 2018 Duration: 6 weeks
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The basic cooking course in 6 lessons: a course that gave us a lot of satisfaction and that is one of our reasons of pride, indeed throughout the process we can see in a tangible way "the growth of our students. We are very pleased to include our teachers Cristian Gurioli, who teaches cooking at the ingleburn FOMAL and Center FANIN. He studied food science at Università degli Studi di Parma, from 2018 will be our teacher of cooking base. Under the direction of chef expert on basic cooking course allows you to learn or perfect your culinary skills and techniques, acquiring the skill and experience to be able to recreate, alone, any recipe. It is a course with a limited number of participants; each participant will have their own workstation with cutting board and knives (trinciante/paring knife/peeler/Fillet). Here's the lesson topics: 1° lesson: Vegetables > cutting and safety lesson 2: various cooking and creams > Funds Based > broths > risotto 3° Lesson: hot and cold Sauces Mothers 4° lesson: Pasta and eggs > 5° lesson: Meat pies and flan > cleaning, legatu RA, sealing 6° lesson: cleaning, filleting, baking Fish >
Cooking Boiled in many different ways: cutting, firings and condi
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Bologna
from: 4 December 2017 Duration: 4 hours
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It's easy to say lame! The Cook knows that it is not easy to prepare a boiled perfect and mistakes are very frequent. Meat, for example, should not be dry but soft and juicy but, to do this, you have to follow the right procedure. And for sauces? How many do we prepare and what are the right combinations for each cut of meat? Boiled in many different ways is a course entirely devoted to boiled and its sauces, conducted by chef Stefano Masetti. Click to find out more about the lecturer: Stephen Masetti Lo course recipes > on Boiled calf's head and Cotechino Meatloaf Language: muscle to accompany Salsa verde Sauce Horseradish Sauce Pearàanà Sauce Red mashed potatoes. At the end of each lesson we'll do a tasting of the dishes prepared during the course along with a glass of wine.

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