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Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina in Naples - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina
Address:Via Martucci, 35 E
Locality: Chiaia
Napoli (Naples)
Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina

The Cooking School in Naples Toffini Academy is a real culinary workshop run by professionals. It ' a place where you meet the long experience of the design and construction of kitchens Toffini, the art and the method of chef of national and international renown and the passion of those who want to learn new techniques and experience with us a journey into taste. A design space for cooking classes which means sharing features, new languages ​​and traditional culinary uses and smart consumption.

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Cooking Fresh and stuffed pasta - 21 September
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 21 September 2022 Duration: 3 hours
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The culinary pleasures of the past, the techniques to make fresh pasta, the different fillings, the tasty combinations: here is a lesson entirely dedicated to fresh pasta! Our chef Vincenzo Noviello will accompany us in this lesson in the name of the flavors of the past reworked with surprising combinations. What are the best flours to use? And the techniques to make fresh pasta that brings us back to the culinary pleasures of other times, when grandmothers spoiled us by dedicating their time to the preparation of this homemade delicacy? Everyone can make with their own hands the basic doughs, fillings and accompanying sauces. We will make and taste together: ravioli capresi and zucchini; gnocchi stuffed with prawns with pumpkin, goat cream and ham crunch.
Cooking Italian Happy Hour - 13 September
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 13 September 2022 Duration: 3 hours
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Aperitif? A must of the summer, meet in the "happy hour" to start a pleasant evening together! We transfer this light and this still intense joy in our memories at the Toffini Academy, transforming it into a cooking class with a special flavor. With the guidance of chef Eduardo Estatico we will make our tapas and then taste them all together in combination with a spritz. Get ready for a tasty and electrifying evening, which combines style and tradition, and declines the flavors of the summer just spent in 6 tapas that you will never be able to give up again, sea and land that come together to tantalize the palate, start a meal. Let's start from the preparation of the classic cuoppo di zeppoline di mare, we will then move on to the contemporary reinterpretation of bruschetta, aiming at the innovation of the classics by preparing a creamy caprese, melon granita and crispy ham. And finally anchovies all'amalfitana, spongecake zucchini alla nerano.
Cooking Parents & Children: a stove for two - 9 September
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 9 September 2022 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
A new experience to share: parents and children struggling with a cooking class designed especially for them! A unique morning, to be spent together, in the name of love for good food. Kneading, having fun combining tastes and dishes, learning to recognize the ingredients and their qualities with the guidance of our chef. Each couple will have their own workstation, their own ingredients, utensils and equipment to make tasty and creative recipes. The new chefs will thus be encouraged to express all their inventiveness and imagination, manipulating the ingredients that will then become tasty foods to taste together. We will prepare chicken sticks and chocolate cake together!
Cooking A dinner for two - September 8th
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 8 September 2022 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The kitchen is the warmest and most seductive place in the house, the place where the chemistry of raw materials that merge and transform makes everything that is made magical: simple recipes, quick preparations, culinary innovations. More and more often trying your hand at cooking together creates a new complicity and intimacy and then, why not try your hand together in a cooking class designed specifically for you at the Toffini Academy? Guided by chef Lino Acunzo we will test your harmony, creating together a menu to be tasted all together. Are you ready to invite your partner to the kitchen? We will make and taste: risotto, peas, shrimps, yellow tomatoes, buffalo; sea bass, hazelnut panure, seasonal vegetables The cost of € 160 is intended for couples
Cooking I level cooking course - 5th September
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 5 September 2022 Duration: 24 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The 1st level cooking course has been designed for those who are beginners in the gastronomic field and for those who already juggle well in the kitchen, but want to refine their techniques. The entire course has a duration of 8 lessons, each of which is built to prepare each student to face the next phases. We will first learn to recognize the raw materials to be used, the different cuts of vegetables, the preparations of sauces, funds and even fresh and dried pasta. We will then move on to the lesson on fish, the processing of meat, white and red, the different types of cooking, the ideal temperatures to be used according to the recipes, eggs, and finally, notions of pastry. For each assimilated technique we will perform recipes to be used and reused with the use of different products. Under the expert guidance of our chef Lino Acunzo the real protagonists will be us! The course alternates moments of theory with moments of practice during which we will make delicious gastronomic preparations by putting our "hands in the dough" directly. Each student will be given an apron to wear during the lesson and the next day will be sent by email the complete recipes with all the ingredients used and the procedures to make them at home whenever you want. Topics to be covered STARTERS DRY PASTA FRESH PASTA EGGS MEAT FISH SWEET
Professional Cooking Professional Haute Cuisine Course
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 26 August 2022 Duration: 6 months
Availability and Prices Request
The figure of the Chef is among the most requested by the labor market, in Italy and abroad, the research is aimed at personnel who can manage and prepare and organize their own department in the kitchen. The goal of our professional course is for professionals, to give them all the theoretical and practical tools to be able to create professional placement in high-level structures, thus realizing their dreams and ambitions. What we offer Over 300 hours in the classroom of theoretical and practical lessons that will start from the basics of cooking, the techniques of modern cuisine, up to molecular cuisine, passing through the principles of Haccp and regulations, notions of nutrition, sensory analysis of food, composition of a menu, the brigade and the organization in the kitchen. Educational outings in production companies to understand how to choose raw materials and optimize costs in the kitchen Masterful lessons with starred chefs who, in addition to teaching techniques and revealing the secrets of their cuisine, will bring their wealth of ideas, culture and personal experience in the kitchen that will help them grow in the world of catering. In the past editions the master classes were held by the Michelin Stars: Domenico Candela (George Restaurant, Grand Hotel Parker's - Naples), Domenico Iavarone (José Restaurant - Torre del Greco), Gianluca D'Agostino (Veritas - Naples) 4 lessons dedicated to the world of catering bakery with the master Rodolfo Molettieri What we guarantee 3 months of internship in Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels and high-end catering facilities. The professionalism of our teaching staff who will follow and support students in their educational growth path. Classes with limited numbers Guarantee of distancing if it is still necessary What We Release Certificate of the Toffini Academy signed by the didactic director Chef Eduardo Estatico HACCP certificate Reference letter from the Chef of the host structure
Cooking Gnocchi And Ragù - Cooking Class
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 27 July 2022 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
In this special cooking class, we will learn how to cook the “ragu”, by using Eduardo De Filippo’s recipes whose passion for cooking comes to light in his works. Are you ready to carry at home the inimitable taste of Naples? Which kind of meat to choose? And tomato? How long it has to cook. Thanks to the instructions of our chef we will learn all secrets about classic cooking and at the end we will enjoy the meal we cooked. Now, here’s the menù: gnocchi with ragù, meat with ragù and friarielli. Are you ready for this unique experience? Toffini Academy is ranked in the top 10 Cooking School in Italy but it is the only one totally dedicated to non-professional food lovers. That's why you will not learn in the kitchen of a restaurant or a Pizzeria but in a special domestic kitchen where you will have your own place and tools to maximize the experience, because our promise is that you will be able to do it at home! Cook & eat Gnocchi and Eduardo's Ragù Learn how to replicate the recipes at home The best way to understand Neapolitan Culture Hands-on experience suitable for anyone
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