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Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina in Naples - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina
Address:Via Martucci, 35 E
Locality: Chiaia
Napoli (Naples)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 5 minutes
Railway Station: 3 minutes
Airport: 20 minutes

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Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina

The Cooking School in Naples Toffini Academy is a real culinary workshop run by professionals. It ' a place where you meet the long experience of the design and construction of kitchens Toffini, the art and the method of chef of national and international renown and the passion of those who want to learn new techniques and experience with us a journey into taste. A design space for cooking classes which means sharing features, new languages ​​and traditional culinary uses and smart consumption.


Amministratore: Maurizio Socio: Alberto Direttore: Luigi

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Cooking Let's fillet! - May 10th
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 10 May 2024 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Head, tail, belly, where do we start? And which knife should I use? Leave your doubts outside the door and let yourself be guided step by step by chef Vincenzo Noviello who will be able to show you the right techniques for preparing the fish for cooking. In this cooking course we will learn how to recognize and buy fresh fish, how to choose it based on the occasion and the recipe to be made, the scaling and filleting techniques, the different cooking methods to enhance its delicacy and flavour. The evening's menu includes the preparation and tasting of two fish main courses that will delight you and will feature sea bass. We will make and taste: sea bass with hazelnut panura and seasonal vegetables and jar-cooked seafood soup. Basic level We look forward to seeing you on Friday 10 May at the Toffini Academy cooking school
Cooking Chinese dumplings - May 9th
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 9 May 2024 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Traditional Chinese cuisine has thousand-year-old roots, which have been handed down from generation to generation over the centuries, yet every community, every country, every region has elements that differentiate it from its neighbors. However, one of the recipes that everyone agrees on, or almost everyone, is ravioli, small parcels filled with meat and vegetables, in the classic version, steamed or grilled and framed in their flavor by an accompanying sauce. Together with chef Adele Liu, of Taiwanese origin, with decades of experience in Taiwanese and Asian cuisine, we will learn to make these little morsels of goodness with our own hands. We will start from the creation of the dough, then move on to the preparation of the succulent filling and the two accompanying sauces. We will learn the different techniques for closing ravioli and the most well-known and appreciated cooking methods, steamed and grilled. A lesson that transports the Toffini academy to the East to fully understand the culture that is transmitted through the preparation of food. An unmissable evening, are you ready to prepare your delicacies? Thursday 9 May, 7pm Chef Adele Liu
Cooking Low temperature fish – April 30th
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 30 April 2024 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
In this lesson we will deepen our knowledge of low temperatures by applying it to cooking fish. We will see first-hand the differences compared to traditional cooking, enhancing the organoleptic qualities of the raw material used. Led by chef Vincenzo Noviello, we will create and taste two recipes with an indescribable flavor together: St. Peter's fish cbt, lettuce water, Roman chicory, grapefruit, lemon caviar; Amberjack, spinach, pineapple in osmosis, its air. Can you wait? Advanced level Tuesday 30 April at 7pm chef Vincenzo Noviello
Cooking Fresh and stuffed pasta - 24 April
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 24 April 2024 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
The culinary pleasures of the past, the techniques for making fresh pasta, the different fillings, the tasty combinations: here is a lesson entirely dedicated to fresh pasta! Our chef Vincenzo Noviello will accompany us in this lesson dedicated to the flavors of the past reworked with surprising combinations. What are the best flours to use? And the techniques for making fresh pasta that take us back to the culinary pleasures of other times, when grandmothers spoiled us by dedicating their time to preparing this homemade delicacy? Everyone will be able to make the basic dough, fillings and accompanying sauces with their own hands. We will make and taste together: Memory of a Caprese ravioli (filled with paprika cream cheese, yellow datterino emulsion, mozzarella water, basil sauce); Plin of tomato puree, prawns, poppy seeds, sautéed rocket Intermediate level Wednesday 24 April at 7pm chef Vincenzo Noviello
Cooking Innovation of tradition - first courses - 23
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 23 April 2024 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
A cooking course dedicated to those who love traditional Italian cuisine but do not disdain experimentation, a creative revision of historical first courses from our cuisine in order to obtain innovative recipes, the right mix between consolidated culinary realities and absolute novelties which translates in imagination and uniqueness. In this lesson, guided by the professionalism of our chef, we will create two truly unique dishes: octopus Genoese and seafood nerano. THE MUST COOKING COURSE OF THE TOFFINI ACADEMY!
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