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Scuola di Cucina Ulisse in Lecce - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Scuola di Cucina Ulisse
Address:Via G. Oberdan, 13/g
Locality: Lecce (Lecce)

Distance from school to:

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Seaside: 15 minutes
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 20 minutes

Scuola di Cucina Ulisse

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Professional Cooking AGRICULTURAL OPERATOR - Cultivation of herbaceous plants
Region: Apulia Locality: Ostuni (Brindisi)
from: 30 October 2021 Duration: 320 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Free Course AGRICULTURAL OPERATOR - Cultivation of herbaceous, horticultural and woody plants in open fields and in greenhouses - COD. PROJECT OF20-LINE2-BR-5 P. O.R. Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020 - Public notice OF / 2020 - "Educational offer of vocational education and training" approved with A. D. n. of 03/12/2020 and published in the BUR Puglia n. 165 of 10/12/2020 and rankings approved with A. D. n. 474 of 12/03/2021 (LINE 1 and LINE 2) and scrolling of rankings approved with D. D. of 29/06/2021 published in the BURP n. 88 of 08/07/2020.Beneficiaries: Young people who have obtained a lower secondary school diploma (former middle school certificate), with the age of less than 24 at the date of the start of the educational activities and who show the will to follow a training course aimed at consolidating and raising the level of basic knowledge and technical-professional skills. Duration: 3,200 hours of which 1200 hours of A. S.L. (school-work alternation) with qualified companies and organizations in the sector Benefits: hourly attendance allowance, reimbursement of tickets by public transport. Registration: registration forms must be sent to the Ostuni office or by email to . It Final certificate: three-year vocational education and training (leFP) qualification. VENUE OF THE COURSE: ULISSE TRAINING AGENCY - Ostuni (BR) Via Monsignor Italo Pignatelli, 29 Tel. /Fax 0832 24 58 80 - Cell. 393 072 6980 - CF 9200759 - VAT 00750 . Agenziaformativaulisse. It - ​​. It
Professional Cooking Professional Cook Course (Kitchen Technician) VI
Region: Apulia Locality: Lecce
from: 29 October 2021 Duration: 600 hours
Availability and Prices Request
600-hour training course that issues a Professional Qualification recognized by the Puglia Region. The Professional Cook (Cooking Technician) course is the only course that allows you to become a Professional Cook with Turnip tops and start a path of accompaniment and job placement. The course is structured in 600 hours of training, of which a theoretical part, a practical part in the laboratories of the Ulysses Cooking School and 250 hours of curricular internship. What do i get by participating in the professional chef course? Certificate of Qualification "Cooking Technician (Cook) level 4EQF" recognized by the Puglia Region; - HACCP certificate; - Safety at work certificate; - Fire Certificate; - Didactic handouts; - “Cime di Rapa” Chef Jacket. Entry profile The ingredients of the good student: - He knows what he eats and does not confuse a cherry tomato with a cherry tomato; -He has a passion for his grandmother's dishes and dreams of them even at night; -You know that on Sundays and holidays catering is done; -Has a grandmother or a mother who does not fry pan for cooking; -He grew up in a family where pignate were used and cooking was long, nocturnal and often in the company of his neighbor; - He does not have long experience of working in restaurants and if he does he is willing to forget it; -You are aware that to be a cook or waiter you must FIRST clean and sanitize; -You are aware that to be a cook or waiter you have to clean and sanitize AFTER; -Communicate with people without screaming, orecchiette can be eaten and not thrown! - Performs actions in a methodical, orderly and smiling way without resorting to fantasy, romance and improvisation; -You know that to cook you have to write a recipe and to serve it you have to know it. How much does the Professional Chef course cost? The course has a total cost of €. 5000 VAT free but for those who register by 31/10/2021 they will pay only €. 3200.Furthermore, inspired by the American model, there is the possibility to pay for the Course when you start working: when you are offered a job offer, you can finance your training through the Credit Transfer (the debt contracted is repaid through a deduction in paycheck for an amount not exceeding one fifth of the net monthly salary). For the 3 students who will reach the maximum level in the examination phase, job placement is envisaged. Registration for the course is limited and can be accessed after passing a motivational interview. To receive more information at . It
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