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CHEF SCHOOL LA CORTE in Rieti - Italy - Cooking School

In Italy


Cooking School
Address:Via Emilia 1/3/5,
Locality: Rieti
Rieti (Rieti)

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Seaside: 120 minutes
Railway Station: 10 minutes
Airport: 90 minutes

Attractions near Rieti

Known in the past as the navel of Italy for its particular position, Rieti is a pretty medieval town that is located. The city is of ancient origins and even today in its vicinity it is possible to see the ancient vestiges of the past. Rieti preserves in its small historical center several artistic beauties that are worth admiring. The main monuments of the city are in fact concentrated in the two main squares, Piazza Battisti and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, which corresponds to the ancient... more

The Chef School La Corte realizes Professional Training Courses that aim to provide all students with the knowledge and tools necessary to acquire a highly professional preparation and encourage a quick integration into the world of work. Each student has the opportunity to choose different modular training paths, depending on their inclinations and expectations. The school is accredited to the Lazio Region and authorized to issue a recognized professional qualification throughout the national territory and the community.

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Region: Lazio Locality: Rieti
from: 7 October 2019 Duration: 450 hours
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Course for Catering Operator with qualification release + INTERNSHIP AT CONVENTIONED STRUCTURES Duration: 450 hours (350 hours theoretical / practical training on site + 100 hours of internship) Recipients: The Course is aimed at those who wish to acquire a good technical preparation and adequate manual skills that allow them to undertake the profession of Chef professionally, as well as to obtain a recognized professional qualification. Objectives: to learn and deepen the techniques of preparation of high quality dishes. The Grillotti Elia Court Service has selected some of the best professionals in the sector and established teachers who will support the students in the various educational activities (theoretical and practical) that will take place within the School. Titles issued: At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, a recognized "CUOCO" professional qualification will be issued, valid throughout the national territory. Food Sector Operator Certificate (OSA). The Grillotti Elia Service Court will provide each student with the following teaching material: • Chef's Professional Uniform • Cutlery Set • Teaching materials • Consumer raw materials for making recipes. Final exam: At the end of the course the student will take a final exam which will include: a) Creation of a dish with relative tasting and evaluation by the examination committee. B) Written test with multiple choice questions The course will begin on 7/10/2019 at "La Corte Service of Grillotti Elia" home of the "La Corte Chef School" in via Emilia n. 1 / 3/5 COURSE FEE € 5,500 VAT exempt. Terms of payment: Payment must be made in the following ways: € 1,500.00 REGISTRATION + nr. 2 installments of € 2,000.00 in half and by the end of the course. Possibility of payment by installments. FIC card: € 50.00 (optional) MORE INFO ON THE WEBSITE. CHEFSCHOOL. IT
Region: Lazio Locality: Rieti
from: 30 June 2020 Duration: 52 hours
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Basic Cooking Course Duration: 52 hours (15 lessons of 3 and a half hours) Recipients: The course is aimed at beginners and enthusiasts, but it is also preparatory to in-depth analyzes of a professional nature dedicated to those who want to perfect themselves or start a new work experience. Objectives: to learn and deepen the techniques of preparation of high quality dishes Final certificate: At the end of the course a certificate of attendance recognized by the Chef School will be issued Course Cost: € 950.00 including VAT Methods of payment: € 500.00 REGISTRATION + € 450.00 within and NOT BEYOND the seventh lesson of the course. FIC card (optional): € 50.00 Organization: Participation in the courses is subject to and defined by a contract which indicates the characteristics of the course and the commitments of the school and the participant. The Chef School will provide each student with the following teaching material: • Chef's Professional Uniform • Cutlery Set • Teaching materials. • Consumer raw materials for making recipes. COURSE PROGRAM STARTER PREPARATION Baking: flours and yeasts and bread and pizza processing techniques Cold appetizers: Practical realization of all types of appetizers (meat, fish, vegetables) Hot appetizers: Practical realization of hot appetizers (meat, fish, vegetables) Making of canapés, snacks and finger food PREPARATION OF FIRST DISHES Pasta: fresh and dry pasta, dough making and processing techniques of different formats and stuffed pasta (fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli etc. ). Rice and Risottos: Practical realization of different courses based on Rice and risottos: pilaf, creamed salads. Soups and Soups: Practical realization of different courses of soups in broth and soups, creams and vegetables, fish and meat soups. PREPARATION OF SECOND PLATES Practical realization of fish and vegetable meat dishes Choice of raw material (meat, fish) main cuts, processing methods and filleting. Cooking temperatures and times Frying and breading techniques Serving and presentation of the courses. PREPARATION OF CAKES Practical realization of desserts, biscuit cakes and desserts in general. Preparation of the bases Creams, fillings and decorations Cooking and presentation techniques.
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