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Progetto PerFormare in Ravenna - Italy - Cooking School

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Emilia Romagna
Emilia - Romagna
Cooking School
Progetto PerFormare
Address:Via Martiri Di Felisio N., 202
Locality: Castel Bolognese (Ravenna)
Progetto PerFormare


Progetto PerFormare

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Cooking Cooking classes in Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Region: Veneto Locality: Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso)
from: 3 July 2018 Duration: 28 hours
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OPEN ENROLLMENT TRAINING PRACTICE COOKING in CASTELFRANCO VENETO (TV)-the COURSE CONSISTS of a SHEET REGISTRATION FEE * duration: 28 hours * lessons: 7 * calendar: one or two nights a week. * Educational material: educational Handouts, cookbooks and kitchen kits. RECIPIENTS the cooking class is open to beginners, aspiring chefs, passionate, to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of kitchen and catering business or want to upgrade your skills, young people looking for skilled work. CONTENT the course provides techniques and basic elements for quick and easy dishes. Among the topics covered: utensils and kitchen equipment, the choice of raw materials, interaction and food storage; This preparation will be addressed in the hygiene standards of the food production sector. • Cold and hot APPETIZERS-FINGER & FOOD (practical realization of several courses of all kinds of appetizers: sandwiches, snacks, pies, meat, fish, vegetables; presentation techniques: shot glasses, spoons, kebabs, cups, foils, cocotte, saucers etc. ) • PASTA (simple fresh egg, dry) • sauces and gravies (cold and hot sauces, sauces, sauces for fondue, fresh herbs, butters, sauces for dressing) • soups-rice dishes (Hotpots, consomme and broth fondues, creams, soups, etc. ) • White and red meat (choice, cuts, cooking techniques and tying, of larding, Browning, brazing etc. ) • COOKING-FRYING (stewed, salted, roasted, grilled, steamed, pickled, smoked etc; frying frying foods and technical choice, various Breading and batters, various types of fries) • vegetables and side dishes (selection, cuts and cooking techniques-boiled, steamed, grilled, fried, etc. ) • fish (choice, cleaning-filleting-cuts and cooking methods, seasonings, conservation) • sweets (basics in the bakery, pastry and dough, desserts like mousse, Bavarian cream, zabaglione, cream and their practical applications etc. ) • Practical exercises and tasting of the dishes prepared during the course. N.B. The program above is a guideline and may vary. Places are limited to allow a learning as effective as possible and practical. TEACHERS our trainers are experienced cooks and professional chefs. TITLE upon completion of the course will be given a certificate of attendance Project Performing practical training and the certificate issued by the lecturer, professional. WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS TO THE REQUEST FOR INFORMATION? Request more information, without obligation! Once we have received your inquiry, you will be contacted by training coordinator will provide you with all the details of the course, will give you the information about modes, program, schedule and venue, entry form and payment methods.
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