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Studio Italiano Tropea - Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana in Vibo-Valentia - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

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Language School
Studio Italiano Tropea - Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana
Address:Via Vittorio Veneto, 43
Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 3 minutes
Railway Station: 3 minutes
Airport: 50 minutes

Attractions near Tropea

Tropea is one of the most beautiful towns in Calabria. It overlooks the southern part of the Tyrrhenian coast. Imposing and majestic, the medieval town situated on the promontory of Monte Poro which lies between the two gulfs of S. Eufemia and Gioia Tauro. Its waters are crystal blue and you can also admire the towering cliffs overlooking the sea. The most famous are: "The Pizzuta", "Formicoli", "San Leonardo" and "L'Isola Bella\\\". The wild and white sandy leading to small coves and inlets,... more
Studio Italiano Tropea - Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

Studio Italiano is an Italian language and cultural school for foreigners, situated in the center of Tropea, just a few steps from Piazza Vittorio Veneto. The school, founded in 2002,is medium size and consists of four classrooms, an administrative office, space for various activities and a garden. Our mission is to introduce the taste and the various places of Southern Italy, especially of Calabria, through language courses, culinary experiences and a wide range of excursions, always considering two important factors: relaxation and fun.

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Cooking culture Cooking Classes / Typical Calabrian fresh pasta, the preparation of the magical dough
Region: Calabria Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
from: 27 December 2021 Duration: 3 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Mani in Pasta (hands in the dough)! What we offer is not only a cooking class. While preparing the dishes we talk (even in Italian, why not), we laugh and we learn. Marianna, the Tropean chef, is the classic "yesteryear lady", a lovely housewife who keeps the secrets of traditional Calabrian cuisine. In each session that we offer, we will make some traditional fresh pasta. The typical pasta of Tropea (and not only) - 'fileja and maltagliati' or "orecchiette, "tagliatelle", "cavatelli" - will be seasoned for tasting with 2 other exclusive products of the area: the 'sweet' red onion of Tropea PGI (as a vegetarian option) and the “n'duja” of Spilinga PGI, famous spicy spreadable salami based of pork and Calabrian pepper or with a special chickpeas and sage recipe. Plus, Marianna prepares always a surprise as a special extra dish to taste all together. All this in a jovial and cheerful atmosphere and, naturally, all accompanied with some good Calabrian wine that we will taste at the time of the aperitif and for the whole duration of the activity. At the end limoncello or homemade chocolate liqueur for everyone. Prosit! Other things to note For security reasons, we cannot accept guests with serious food allergies or intolerances. For special requests on food, drink or, in general, about the menu, these must be notified in advance. ✅ Details: N° Participants: from 2 up to 8 Particular skills: none Duration: 2,5/3 hours
Language culture Online Classes
Region: Calabria Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
from: 27 December 2021 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
In order to assist students who want to learn Italian even if they are not attending classes in Tropea, we also offer distance learning courses. These remote lessons are held by the same teachers already met in person in our center, in case you have already been our students in the past, or have the opportunity to physically know them in Tropea. All teachers are well educated about remote teaching. Giving lessons via Skype, Zoom or other platforms, in fact, is not a simple chat, it involves the use of various appropriate educational activities and the sharing of materials to work on. ✅ Details: N° lessons: 10+ lessons/week N° Students: 1+ N° weeks: min. 1 week Levels: A0,A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 Duration: 2 units, 50 minutes each [A calendar of lessons can be agreed with the teacher]
Language culture Conversation
Region: Calabria Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
from: 27 December 2021 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The conversation sessions are addressed to those who already have a good knowledge of the language and want to improve the oral expression by using friendly conversation in class, at a bar, doing shopping at the local market or simply walking around the town with the teacher; for this reason, every session is longer than traditional lessons (75 minutes). It is also possible to attend the course in 2,or in a group of 3 friends with the same level. The course includes 3 sessions per week, but it’s also possible to choose the total number of meetings (3 sessions or 225 minutes) even in a single day. ✅ Details: N° lessons: 3+ lessons/week Students: 1,2 or 3 N° weeks: min. 3 sessions = 225 minutes Levels: B1,B2,C1,C2 Duration: 3 units, 75 minutes each, MON-FRI
Language culture Private Courses: Individual or 2-to-1Private Cour
Region: Calabria Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
from: 27 December 2021 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
Our private Italian tuition are designed for those who have specific needs, limited time and looking for a flexible didactic program. Students, with any level, can work individually with the teacher on particular topics and contents preventively agreed (such exams preparation, business Italian or any other specialization). 2 students with the same level can request a couple course (2-to-1) with a special deal. ✅ Details: N° lessons: 10+ lessons/week N° Students: 1,2 N° weeks: min. 1 week Levels: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Duration: 2 units, 50 minutes each, MON-FRI
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