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Laboling - La scuola di italiano in Sicilia in Messina - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

In Italy


Language School
Laboling - La scuola di italiano in Sicilia
Address:Via Nino Ryolo 20
Locality: Milazzo (Messina)
Phone:0039 0909283214

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 100 minutes

Attractions near Milazzo

The school is situated in the old town of Milazzo which, on the north coast of Sicily is one of the oldest cities with hellenic, arab and norman influences. All of this remains in the architecture and the way of life of a city both historic and modern. It is an ideal town for young people, and the right place for those who want an authentic Italian environment far from mass tourism. The beach is easy to reach on foot. It is possible to explore the local beauty spot, the cape of Milazzo.
Laboling - La scuola di italiano in Sicilia

School of Italian set up in 1994,recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and Member of ASILS - is characterised by both a professional and friendly atmosphere, where learning Italian is enjoyable and fun. The subdivision of courses corresponds to the criteria of the Common European Framework for Languages. We work in collaboration with the University for foreigners of Siena and we are a centre for the CILS and DITALS exams.

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Language culture CAMPUS Course
Region: Sicily Locality: Milazzo (Messina)
from: 30 January 2023 Duration: 4 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The 4-week Campus Course offers an advantageous all-inclusive formula that consists of: - 4-week Intensive Course (20 lessons a week) - Accommodation in a shared apartment with other students - Enrolment fee
Language culture Intensive Course
Region: Sicily Locality: Milazzo (Messina)
from: 30 January 2023 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
The Intensive Course, (4 lessons a day), will appeal to students of all levels. It’s the ideal course for those who want to learn in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere alongside other students with a range of different nationalities. We favour the communicative method, but not forgetting the grammar, while concentrating on developing the four main communicative areas, (reading, writing, speaking and listening). The small classes, (5-6 students), allow the teachers to monitor the progress of every single student more easily.
Accommodation options and costs:
Host Family
Hotel - B&B
Offered Courses:

Italian Language
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