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LinguaNova in Leghorn - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

In Italy


Language School
Address:Via Borra 35
Locality: Livorno (Leghorn)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 5 minutes
Railway Station: 10 minutes
Airport: 40 minutes

Attractions near Livorno

One of the symbols of Livorno is the Monument "I Quattro Mori", it represents the statue of Fernando I De' Medici, it was built in 1595 (Giovanni Bandini and Pietro Tacca) Also is important Piazza Grande, where is situated Palazzo Grande, Duomo and Palazzo Comunale, heart of the city was rebuilt after Second World War. Terrazza Mascagni is important too, is formed by 4100 marble columns, Fortezza Nuova and Fortezza Vecchia. There are museums with ancient treasures: Ebraic Yeshive museum,... more

Our school is situated in Huigens Palace, in the heart of Venezia Nuova. The atmosphere at our school is young, relaxed and dynamic. It is the best place to learn languages.

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Language Italian language for foreigners
Region: Tuscany Locality: Leghorn
from: 3 September 2021 Duration: 30 days
Availability and Prices Request
The courses are aimed primarily at developing students’ ability to communicate. They take place under the guidance of native Italian speakers. These teachers specialize in helping students to develop their conversational skills using games, role-playing, lectures, discussions, recorded dialogues, songs and films. The courses also cover the grammar required to speak good Italian. Concise classroom explanations of how the Italian language works are followed by practical exercises which reinforce students’ knowledge of the material which has been covered. The classes develop students’ understanding of Italian culture and society. Depending on the level of the students’ Italian, this can range from simple tasks, like examining the different courses in a typical Italian meal, to more complex tasks, like discussing issues of importance to Italy today. We are also able to organize accommodation for students – with families, or in shared apartments – for the duration of the course.
Language Intensive italian language courses
Region: Tuscany Locality: Leghorn
from: 3 September 2021 Duration: 30 days
Availability and Prices Request
Italian language group courses students minimum 3 maximum 6/8 lessons last 45 minutes each Standard courses S3 course 15 lessons a week I4 course 20 lessons a week I6 course 30 lessons a week Iplus 20 lessons a week plus 5 individual
Accommodation options and costs:
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Offered Courses:

Italian Language
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