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ISOLA D' ISCHIA - Destination Tourism in Naples - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

In Italy


Language School
ISOLA D' ISCHIA - Destination Tourism
Address:Via Provinciale Lacco, 465
Locality: Island Of Ischia
Forio d'Ischia (Naples)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 1 minutes
Railway Station: 90 minutes
Airport: 90 minutes

Attractions near Forio d'Ischia

Ischia is an ideal holiday location for everyone: it is suitable for those looking for peace and quiet, for thermal spa treatments or for relaxing days by the sea, but also for anyone wanting a place that is varied and interesting in terms of nature, architecture and culture. Ischiasapere, as a cultural association dedicated to highlighting the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Isle of Ischia, can recommend to the tourist itineraries, alternative routes and picturesque spots on... more
ISOLA D' ISCHIA - Destination Tourism

The Ischia Sapere cultural association was established in 2002 and has all the enthusiasm of a young association full of ideas and with ambitious goals. The organisation makes available to its members the collaboration of professionals from all sectors. The primary aim is to spread the Italian language and culture and foreign languages and cultures by means of courses, lessons, meetings, seminars, conventions and other activities. "Culture" is a very broad term that encompasses art, theatre, journalism, inter-religious exchanges, gastronomy and cuisine, appreciation of the island.

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Region: Campania Locality: Forio D'Ischia (Naples)
from: 12 March 2018 Duration: 12 months
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Our courses of Italian for foreigners are directed at both foreigners, residents in Italy and in particular, on Ischia, and tourists on holiday in Ischia and in the surrounding areas. The courses are of several levels following the Common European Reference Framework, drawn up by the Council of Europe. For those who are not absolute beginners, after the entry test a decision is made on the group to which they will belong. Beginners start with the level 0 course for the first 50 hours. In fact, this course is reserved for those who need more time to learn a foreign language: for example, someone who has left school or studied a long time ago and has not had practice at learning a foreign language or someone who needs a softer approach, not directly communicative like the higher levels.
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