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Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale in Pescara - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale
Locality: Pescara
Pescara (Pescara)

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Seaside: 15 minutes
Railway Station: 15 minutes
Airport: 10 minutes

Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale

Sweetest is a professional training company in the cooking industry, which is specialized in pastry and cake design. Sweetest’s high level cake design courses are very professional and aim to train a new position in the pastry and cake design world of jobs. Sweetest eventincucina has been guaranteeing a specific and continuous training since 2012 to offer more opportunities and chances of competing in the employment world. In Italy Sweetest has been the first company to believe in cake designing as a professional career, by specifically creating a basic 80 hours and full immersion course.


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Professional Cooking Viennoiserie course- pastry lesson
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 18 October 2021 Duration: 2 days
Availability and Prices Request
COURSE MODERN BREAKFAST AND VIENNOISERIE A fundamental course for all those who want to renew the proposal for a rich and inviting breakfast, with classic and innovative pastry proposals. The FIPGC Pastry World Champion Giuseppe Russi will guide us in a two-day full immersion course dedicated to breakfast in a pastry shop. We will deepen the techniques and management of products through the use of mother yeast, starting from the basics up to the most modern techniques of dough and product presentation: for an elegant, modern and visually striking pastry. A rich assortment of breakfast proposals, from traditional croissants to bundles and new weaves, available in numerous color variations (two-tone doughs, with fruit and chocolate fillings, etc. ). During the course we will also make modern cakes that are quick to make, with molds and glazes, jams and filling creams. The production dedicated to breakfast will be captivating in its countless shapes, colors and matching fillings, and characterized by an unmistakable taste: products of sure success to be placed in a modern bar-pastry counter or in a rich hotel buffet. LIMITED SEATS! DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY! FOR INFO AND RESERVATIONS GO TO . SWEETEST. IT
Cooking ABC of pastry - basic course in the evening
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 7 October 2022 Duration: 1 months
Availability and Prices Request
Has pastry always been your passion? Learn to make your favorite desserts starting from the basics, like a real pastry chef and the pastry will have no more secrets for you! A practical course in 4 evening lessons, to make even the most difficult dessert in a simple way! Bring out the pastry chef in you! COURSE DESCRIPTION A series of lessons to enter the world of real pastry, from puff pastry to sponge cake, from basic doughs to creams: you too can learn all the secrets to making excellent desserts! Each meeting includes a theoretical moment (explanation of the ingredients and recipes) and a practical one; to finish we will taste the delicacies made during the course together! The ABC Pastry Course is aimed at all enthusiasts, beginners and those who wish to deepen the technique starting from the basics; it is divided into 4 lessons lasting approximately 4 hours each. The course is open to everyone! CONTINUE to read all the details of the course on the website . Sweetest. It LIMITED SEATS! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU AT THE SWEETEST SCHOOL!
Professional Cooking Professional Pastry and Cake Design course
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 20 September 2021 Duration: 2 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
Professional Pastry and Cake Design course 80 hours Make Your Passion become Your Future Here is a very complete pastry and decoration course for you, concentrated in 2 weeks of lessons ("intensive course" formula), entirely practical - OPEN TO ALL The course is open to all, no initial preparation is required, nor any specific requirements. There are no age limits. The pastry and decoration course is aimed at all those who, with or without experience, want to learn or improve the craft of the pastry chef and at the same time specialize, acquiring NEW decoration techniques (cake design). - CERTIFICATE of SPECIALIZATION At the end of the course, the Certificate of Specialization of PASTRY DECORATOR of the Sweetest school (associated school FIDEF - the Italian Federation of Schools and Education and Training Bodies) is obtained. During the course you will learn the basics of Italian pastry and the most up-to-date decoration techniques with a high visual impact: spectacular wedding cakes in sugar paste, with the application of all the decoration techniques both Anglo-Saxon and Italian. You will also learn to independently develop and balance your cake design recipes (bases for decorated cakes). Not only sugar paste cakes, therefore, but also Naked Cake, Red Velvet, Drip Cake, Cream Tart, Cupcakes, etc. FIND OUT ALL THE DETAILS 👉 https: //bit. Ly/3d1OKzq Or go to 👉 . Sweetest. It SEATS ARE LIMITED! ⏳ DO NOT LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY!
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