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Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale in Pescara - Italy - Cooking School

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Cooking School
Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale
Locality: Pescara
Pescara (Pescara)

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Seaside: 15 minutes
Railway Station: 15 minutes
Airport: 10 minutes

Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale

Sweetest is a professional training company in the cooking industry, which is specialized in pastry and cake design. Sweetest’s high level cake design courses are very professional and aim to train a new position in the pastry and cake design world of jobs. Sweetest eventincucina has been guaranteeing a specific and continuous training since 2012 to offer more opportunities and chances of competing in the employment world. In Italy Sweetest has been the first company to believe in cake designing as a professional career, by specifically creating a basic 80 hours and full immersion course.


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Professional Cooking Professional Pastry decorator course
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 2 November 2019 Duration: 120 hours
Availability and Prices Request
Professional Pastry and Cake Design Course 120 hours + STAGE (optional) - from 02 to 20 December 2019 NEW 3-WEEK FORMAT The labor market in confectionery increasingly requires the figure of the decorator pastry chef and our course is aimed at all those who want to undertake a career in the world of pastry making, presenting themselves with new skills, such as this innovative figure, of which all the pastry shops can no longer do without it: the decorator pastry chef or cake designer. The course for decorator pastry chefs has been studied and designed specifically to provide quickly and with maximum effectiveness teaching methods, excellent results in terms of knowledge, manual skills and professional techniques and to fit effectively into the world of work in all its aspects (pastry workshops, catering, catering and banqueting, research and development, confectionery industries, etc. ). The professional decorator confectioner is increasingly in demand in the world of work and in Italy there is no complete path like this, which brings together all the skills and in just 3 weeks, guarantees a 360 ° learning experience. During the course you will learn the basics of Italian pastry and the most up-to-date and high-impact decoration techniques: from modern cakes with mirror glaze to the spectacular wedding cakes in sugar paste tops, with the application of all the techniques of Anglo-Saxon decoration. You will also learn to develop and balance your recipes for cake design (bases for decorated cakes). Not only cakes in sugar paste, therefore, but also Naked Cake, Red Velvet, Drip Cake, Cream Tart, Cupcakes, etc.  THE COURSE OPEN TO ALL More training hours, 120 hours divided into 3 weeks of lessons! Extended teaching staff. More specialized teachers for each lesson module. With the introduction of world champions pastry chefs. New expanded and intensive program, with specific insights in the pastry shop and more practical for the students. Introduction of the H. A.C. C.P. Food hygiene safety, with the possibility of obtaining the relevant Certificate. Possibility of internships. NEW totally renovated location. NEW lesson modules: savory pastries, frozen desserts, modern cakes, pastry bases for cake design, etc. The 360 ​​° Cake Design: from the balancing of the most suitable pastry bases for cake design, to the decorations with the most innovative techniques (painting cake, modeling with plastic chocolate, naked cakes, drip cakes, etc. ). The exceptional pastry professor of this edition is Carmela Moffa (Best Pastry Chef of the World in 2018)! For those who have already attended the 80-hour basic course, in promotion, there will be the possibility of attending the supplementary week at a discounted and reserved price! Vantagiosissime news also in the payment methods. From today it will be possible to delay the cost of the course financing it in part or in full, from 3 to 24 monthly installments. SWEETEST SCHOOL PESCARA Centralino: +39 085 9160021 WhatsApp 392 E-mail: . It website: . Sweetest. It
Professional Cooking Masterclass in pastry innovation
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 25 November 2019 Duration: 2 days
Availability and Prices Request
Details Pastry masterclass "The innovative cakes of Lorenzo Puca" - Italian Senior Pastry and Chocolate sample (2015 and 2018). Bronze Medal at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Lyon 2019.Finalist at the RAI 2 TV talent show "Il Più Grande Pasticcere" DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE In these two master days the pastry chef Lorenzo Puca will make cakes of great aesthetic impact, at the same time characterized by easy reproducibility in the laboratory, for a series of products that cannot be missed in a pastry shop. Maestro Puca will provide technical explanations, suggestions, methods and new ideas for suitable proposals for every occasion, characterized by excellence in taste. Specifically: during the course we are going to make soft baked goods, such as soft chocolate sponge cake, pistachio morbidone, soft cream and almond base, crumble-like crispy bases and cremino-based biscuits. Lorenzo Puca will then make the various fillings, made up of various types of cream, mousse and Bavarian gelatins with different techniques, then moving on to the different types of glazing, chocolate, to be colored, and transparent. Naturally, optimal sales, production and storage topics will also be illustrated. Ideas and suggestions for a rational production, with a correct conservation methodology. Finally, the pastry chef Lorenzo Puca will illustrate how to create interesting proposals to enrich the counter, perfect for a new concept pastry shop that focuses on innovative aesthetics and fullness of taste. LIMITED SEATS -> For info and reservations go to . Sweetest. It or contact us at the following addresses:  - e-mail: . It  - tel. 085 9160021 (secretariat, opening hours: 9/13 - 14.30 / 18.30) - WhastApp 393. - cell. 342 167 97 44 (course office) WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU at the Sweetest school Cooking and Pastry School PESCARA!
Professional Cooking Sculpted cake classe
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Pescara
from: 13 October 2019 Duration: 2 days
Availability and Prices Request
Fully practical course Sculpted Cakes course With cake designer Emma Jayne (Award Best Artist). Single date in Italy - at the Sweetest school in Pescara. Subject: The Indian bride Do you want to learn how to make human busts in carved cake? This year you have the opportunity to follow a truly unique Master's course, with one of the greatest sugar artists in the world: Emma Jayne Cake Design. Emma will teach for the first time in Italy exclusively at our school, the Sweetest School of Pescara. MASTER PROGRAM Learn to make a realistic life-size face, from the facial structure to a flawless finish, using plastic chocolate, edible gel and edible powder colors. During this 2-day course, you will learn a multitude of advanced cake decorating techniques. This will include how to create an internal structure from Rice Krispies (puffed rice bars) and cover a carved figure using a combination of plastic chocolate, model sugar paste and cover sugar paste. Besides how to use edible colors in gel, powder and glitter to improve and add details to your design. Finally, Emma Jayne will also guide you through the process of creating complex and realistic facial features; a highly valuable and transferable skill. Once you have learned the technique you will be able to decline it with respect to your attitudes. 👉 EXCEPTIONAL OFFER! ✌ THE COURSE IS IN PROMOTION FOR THOSE WHO SIGN UP BY JUNE 30 2019! DISCOVER all the details directly on the website . Sweetest. It VERY LIMITED POSTS! For information and reservations go to the website: . Sweetest. It Or contact us at the following addresses: email: . It tel. 085 9160021 (secretariat) WhatsApp: 393 Mobile. 342 167 97 44 (event planner) Mobile. 393 012 05 51 (administration) We are waiting for you at the Sweetest school in Pescara! I
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