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Reggio Lingua in Reggio-Emilia - Italy - Italian Language School for foreign students

In Italy


Emilia Romagna
Emilia - Romagna
Language School
Reggio Lingua
Address:viale dei Mille n. 2
Locality: Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)

Distance from school to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 120 minutes
Railway Station: 5 minutes
Airport: 45 minutes

Attractions near Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia boasts an important and interesting historical heritage. It is the seat of the “Tricolore” Museum. It was Reggio Emilia that first adopted the “Tricolore”, which then became the national flag. Nature lovers can make fascinating excursions to both the Emilian Apennines and along the Po River. Those wishing to know more about Italian folklore can visit several fairs and markets selling local products. There are also various small towns near Reggio Emilia of... more
Events posted by this school
Local Emilian cookery co
Locality:Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)
Region:Emilia - Romagna

Genre: Wine And Food
from: 8 July 2019
to: 12 July 2019
The school holds one week cookery classes on local Emilian cuisine with approximately 3 hours lessons per day, from Monday to Friday. Students are taught how to make homemade pasta and the secrets to preparing traditional Reggio Emilia dishes: stuffed pasta, for example tortelli, cappelletti, lasagne, local erbazzone spinach pie, a variety of sauces and beef and chicken main courses without forgetting traditional desserts, torta di riso, zuppa inglese, tiramisù, and ciambella. Students will also enjoy eating the food they have prepared together. The course includes tours of local Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, Prosciutto ham and Lambrusco wine producers where they can sample and really appreciate the famous genuine specialities of the Emilia region. Also available on request, one day cookery courses where students learn to prepare a classic 3 course Emilian meal.
Reggio Lingua

Reggio Lingua is a specialized language center for teaching Italian language and culture to people of all ages and nationalities. It is authorized centre for CELI exams. We organize Italian courses for groups, individuals, and businesses (for managers, technicians and employees), as well as for high school and university groups, homestay programs in an instructor’s home, and courses in preparation for the CELI exams. Courses are offered year round. They are organized by level, with a limited number of students in each class to encourage the students’ active participation and to provide a peaceful, relaxed working environment. In addition to our language courses, the centre also offers cooking courses, literature seminars and other courses for art lovers. It offers the possibility to meet new people, with organized evenings in local hot spots, afternoons making homemade pasta, trips to trade fairs, guided tours of the town, nature hikes, as well as visits to local wineries and cheese and balsamic vinegar producers. The school is located in an ancient building in the historical town center.

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Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)
from: 13 May 2019 Duration: 4 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
20 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Programme: pronunciation, first elements of language structure, spelling, some readings and dictations, elementary compositions, very simple conversations, comprehension of the information of everyday life through video and audio.
Language Cooking Culture One-to-one homestay programs
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)
from: 8 March 2019 Duration: 6 days
Availability and Prices Request
One of our teachers will host the student and wil be at his/her disposal not only to offer regular Italian language tutorials, but also to promote the different aspects of local culture and Italian family life. During this one-to-one Italian tutorials at a qualified Italian teacher's home, the student will have the opportunity to partecipate in the Italian tutor's social and family life and will therefore be able to learn Italian in every moment of the day, casually chatting with his/hes teacher or teacher's family, going to the cinema or theatre, visiting friends or shopping. This is the ideal solution for those who need to learn as much as possible in a short period of time and for those interested in having direct contact with our country's family life and culture without language barriers. This one-to-one homestay programs also offer the advantage of flexible scheduling, and a custom program coordinated by the teacher and student together. The student will have a private bedroom and, when possible, a private bathroom. The rest of the house will be shared with the Italian host family. Italian tutors are carefully selected and constantly monitored.
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)
from: 3 June 2019 Duration: 4 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
This cours focus on various aspects of Italian history, culture, society, and linguistics. Are included topics such as: the Italian Cinema and Theater, Italian Literature, Art History and the Language of the Mass Media. In this way a particular argument is introduced as a tool for further enhancing language proficiency.
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia)
from: 1 April 2019 Duration: 8 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
Programme: enable you to interact with a native speaker without high difficulty in formal and informal situations. Allow you to understand the fundamental ideas of complex texts that address real and abstract ideas, technical texts and literary texts. Enable you to write clear articles on several topics and express your opinions on current topics, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

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Italian Language
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Italian Cooking Recipes

Reggio Emilia Rice Cake
Erbazzone - Savory greens pie
Spinach tortelli
Zuppa Inglese : a classic Italian Pudding
Potato gnocchi
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