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Recipe Royal Icing

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S.G. Scuola Istituto di Cucina e Pasticceria
Locality: San Giorgio A Liri (Frosinone)
Region: Lazio
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Accommodations: Hotel - B&B

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Region: Emilia - Romagna
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Region: Lombardy

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Region: Veneto
3 star hotel
3 e 14
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Region: Emilia - Romagna
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La Rosa Gialla
Locality: Barolo (Cuneo)
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Recipe Royal Icing


Sugar, 150 gr eggs 1 egg white (about 30 gr) Lemons few drops


The royal icing fluid is a compound prepared with egg whites and sugar resulting in a nice white color on. It may be added if necessary food coloring, to be used in confectionery for decorating cakes. In particular, the royal icing is indicated for "write" and create small decorations on cookies, cupcakes, cakes or shortbread cookies. Preparation: Place an egg in a bowl with a few drops of lemon juice, so that the egg whites to assemble better, pull the whips and when the egg white will be well fitted paid little by little sifted icing sugar well. Continue to work the frosting with the whisk until the sugar is completely blended and get a glaze homogeneous without lumps. Transfer the royal icing in a sac-à-poche and cut a hole in the tip getting very tight end that will be needed to decorate the cookies so cute and funny. You can add a few drops of food coloring, continuing to beat, until you reach the desired color. Proceed making the decorations.

Posted by: La Dolce Vita Pasticceria

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