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Art School In Molise

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Latest Courses in Molise

Pizza Maker/baker's Course With Internship In Campobasso
Luogo: Campobasso (CB)
dal: 31 March 2018
Duration: 10 weeks
PiùItalia is a cultural association founded with the aim of enhancing the professions, arts and... more
Professional Cooking
Group Courses
Luogo: Napoli (NA)
dal: 5 March 2018
Duration: 1 weeks
There are also Italian group courses for high school students. They are thought for those teachers... more
at: Centro Linguistico Partenopeo
Language Culture
Homestay Program At The Teacher's House In Turin
Luogo: Torino (TO)
dal: 1 February 2018
Duration: 44 weeks
Italian Virtual School offers the opportunity of taking an Homestay Program at the Teacher's House... more
at: Italian Virtual School
Language Culture
Valentine's Day In All The Languages World
Luogo: Roma (RM)
dal: 14 February 2018
Duration: 3 days
Gift cards for individual language courses: Make a gift for a person or yourself with an individual... more
at: EduPlanet
Our Group Italian Language Courses In Florence
Luogo: Firenze (FI)
dal: 19 February 2019
Duration: 4 weeks
The group Italian language courses at Parola Italian language school are all held in the mornings,... more
at: Parola. Scuola d'italiano a Firenze
Language Culture

Schools in Molise

Locality: Rome
Region: Lazio
Courses: Italian Language
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment Hotel - B&B
Westminster College Barletta :Certificazioni Cambridge.Pearson. Bulats. Certificazioni Italiano CELI-Die Fidescu
Locality: Barletta (Barletta Andria Trani)
Region: Apulia
Courses: Italian Language, Art
Accommodations: Apartment
EA Formazione
Locality: Bari
Region: Apulia
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Courses: Italian Language

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Schools in Molise

Language School
Libera Accademia Italiana
Locality: Agnone (Isernia)
Region: Molise

The Italian Academy “Atene del Sannio” aims to combine the study of language with the Italian culture in its complete meaning. In addition to the Language Culture & History courses, we also give...

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking, Art
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment Hotel - B&B
Language School
Locality: Alessandria Region: Piedmont

A. S.E. I. Formazione Piemonte is a training centre accredited by the Piedmont local government, based in Milan, Turin, Alessandria, Biella and Cuneo. This centre specialises in planning and managing...

Courses: Italian Language
Language School
image unavailable
Eurolingue School
Locality: Caltanissetta (Caltanisetta)
Region: Sicily

Eurolingue School’s vision is teaching languages in the most natural and authentic way, in order to develop fluency with a solid grammar structure promoting interculturalism at the same time. We...

Courses: Italian Language
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B
Language School
Locality: Padova Region: Veneto

The Bertrand Russell Language Institute has been active in Padua since, and is definitely very popular, the place for those who want to begin or continue their study of the Italian Language. Indeed,...

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment Hotel - B&B
Language School
Italian Virtual School
Locality: Turin Region: Piedmont

Italian Virtual School is an Italian Language School based in Turin. The Schools was born as an Online School of Italian and now provides Online and Onsite Italian Courses. In particular we provide...

Courses: Italian Language
Accommodations: Host Family
Online Courses
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Latest Courses in Molise

Region: Molise Locality: Campobasso
from: 31 March 2018 Duration: 10 weeks
Availability and Prices Request
PiùItalia is a cultural association founded with the aim of enhancing the professions, arts and crafts related to the made in Italy. We have created training courses for our members in order to create professionals in the fields of:... more

Accommodations: (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)

Events in Molise Add Event (free)

Corpus Christi procession of the mysteries.
Campobasso Region: Molise
from: 3 June 2018 to: 3 June 2018 Genre: Other

Corpus Christi procession of the mysteries in Campobasso. Public event-organised by the Museum of the mysteries of Campobasso. The event starts at 10.00 till 14.00.

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Naples Region: Campania
from: 1 October 2017 to: 31 December 2018 Genre: Art

HOURS OF MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL SITES OF NAPLES 1) NAPLES STATE ARCHIVE Piazzetta Grande Archivio, 5 Tel. 081 01- e-mail Hours: Monday and Thursday 10.30 / 12.30 guided tours for groups and schools with compulsory booking. Closing days: Tuesdays,...... more

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Mini course tasting on montepulciano.
Lanciano (Chieti) Region: Abruzzo
from: 18 February 2018 to: 18 February 2018 Genre: Wine And Food

Mini course tasting on montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Public event organized by ristorante taverna del Marinaio. Opening hours of the evening: 20; 30 a. M. till 24; 00.

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Pictures from Italy

Latest Events in Italy

Living Today.
Locality:Lanciano (Chieti)

Genre: Fairs
from: 2 March 2018
to: 4 March 2018
National fair of construction and architecture. Public event, organized by: Lancianofiera Exhibition of Abruzzo. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 19.00 hours.
Posted by: Casa Flamminio
Memorial Perinetti
Locality:Misano Adriatico (Rimini)
Region:Emilia - Romagna

Genre: Sport
from: 25 August 2018
to: 1 September 2018
25/7 September Skating
Memorial Perinetti


Posted by: Hotel REX
Locality:Bari Region:Apulia
Genre: Art
from: 1 May 2017
to: 31 December 2018
The bed & breakfast FEMily is an excellent starting point to embark on a fascinating journey in our beautiful Puglia and nearby Basilicata: Macclesfield, a town that lies at the foot of the Alta...
Posted by: FEMily Bed and Breakfast
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