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Fresh pasta - Italian Cooking Recipes

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Chef Academy
Locality: Terni
Region: Umbria
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Cooking Well Academy
Locality: Teggiano (Salerno)
Region: Campania
Scuola Nosco
Locality: Ragusa
Region: Sicily

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Accommodations in Italy

Marina Palace Hotel
Locality: Acitrezza (Catania)
Region: Sicily
4 star hotel
Mare Più Vicino Non Si Può
Locality: Taranto
Region: Apulia
holiday apartments
Tenuta Lamberti srl Parmenide
Locality: Castelnuovo Cilento (Salerno)
Region: Campania
farm house
Agriturismo I Casalini
Locality: San Casciano In Val Di Pesa (Florence)
Region: Tuscany
5 star farm house
Podere I Casaloni
Locality: Roccastrada (Grosseto)
Region: Tuscany
holiday home
Mezzelune of ricotta and lemon with prawns and ginger

Flour the dough with fresh pasta, cut it into small portions and spread them with the help of a small machine until you get very thin sheets. Flour them and cover them with a damp cloth to prevent it from drying out. Crush the ricotta in a bowl, add... more

Ravioli with ricotta

To make ricotta ravioli, let's start with the preparation of the pastry. Break the eggs and pour them into a bowl, adding a pinch of salt, two tablespoons of olive oil, the semolina flour and the 00 flour. Knead for a few minutes (also using a food... more

Ravioli with 4 cheeses

Let's start by putting ricotta, parmesan, gorgonzola and mascarpone in a bowl. Mix well and let them blend properly. Then we take the dough we have prepared with 70% flour 00,30% of durum wheat flour and 10 egg yolks and roll it out first with a... more

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

To prepare tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, start with fresh pasta: on a pastry board (or in a bowl) pour the flour, create the classic fountain shape and pour the previously beaten eggs in the center. It is very important to respect the... more

Ricotta ravioli

We prepare the pastry. Break the eggs and put them in the food processor, add the salt, the oil, the semolina flour and the 00 flour, knead everything for a few minutes, then take the dough and work it with your hands to soften it. Then we cut it... more

Whole-grain spaghetti

To prepare whole-wheat spaghetti in the food processor, we pour 8 tablespoons of whole wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and water. We turn on the robot and the dough will be ready in less than a minute, if... more

Orecchiette with turnip tops

Let's start by preparing fresh pasta first. On a work surface we put the semolina, we make a fountain and we add a pinch of salt, about 2 tablespoons of oil and a bit of warm water. We begin to knead with your hands gradually adding the rest of the... more

Fresh pistachio pasta

In a large bowl pour the re-ground flour, type 0 flour, a pinch of salt and mix everything well. In the center of the flours we form a cavity similar to a crater (a hole) where inside we pour the shelled eggs. We begin to beat the eggs with a fork... more

Fresh egg pasta

To make fresh pasta pour a little less than 400 g of flour into a bowl (better keep a little aside to add in case of need) or directly on a wooden pastry board for its porosity. Create a hollow in the center and add the whole eggs, with the fork... more

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

To start this dish we have to work the porcini mushrooms. The first thing that needs to be done is to cut the mushroom along: if the walls are clear and smooth it is all right, if instead we see small holes worms are present and therefore at least... more

Spinach tortelli

For the filling: Heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat in a large skillet then add the garlic and cook for two minutes. Next add the organic frozen spinach and one organic vegetable bouillon, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes then remove... more

Baked pasta with zucchini and sausage

We boil a pot of water, in the meantime, prepare the chopped onion in a pan with a little olive oil and get it brown, add the chopped sausage at this point. When the water boils, we cook the pasta and add a glass of white wine to the sausage while... more

Pasta baked with cheese and potatoes

Cut the potatoes into wedges, put them in a basin full of water, we cut an onion into thin slices. Let the stove a pot with a little oil, add the onion, let fry for a bit and then add the potatoes, turn the whole thing add the salt, and let flavor.... more

Emiliani Cappelletti cooked in broth

We prepare the broth, put a few tablespoons of olive oil and a bit of butter in the pan over medium heat and let it dissolve, then add garlic, celery, tomatoes, 2 cloves, bay leaves and the whole thing go up for 5 minutes, then add the meat, during... more

Neapolitan sauce noodles with

We see a recipe typical of the Neapolitan tradition, the sauce made with care and attention that make it unique and delicious. We put in a pot of extra virgin oil tritiamo a red onion and add the pork ribs, chops previously rolled with parsley,... more

Noodles with rabbit sauce all'ischitana

We focus a pan and pour at least 4 tablespoons, preferably 5, of rabbit sauce Ischia, regulate the flame low, and meanwhile we boil in another pot in the water for the pasta. When the water boils, put the noodles to cook, check the cooking of the... more

Latest Courses in Italy

Paid Pizza Maker Course
Luogo: Taranto (TA)
dal: 28 November 2022
Duration: 5 days
The pizza maker course is carried out by expert masters in the discipline of pizza preparation, and... more
at: Associazione amar pizzeria e cucina
Professional Cooking
Paid Course For Pizzailo
Luogo: Lecce (LE)
dal: 28 November 2022
Duration: 5 days
The pizza maker course is carried out by expert masters in the discipline of pizza preparation, and... more
at: Associazione amar pizzeria e cucina
Professional Cooking
Paid Course For Pizza Maiolo
Luogo: Brindisi (BR)
dal: 28 November 2022
Duration: 5 days
The pizza maker course is carried out by expert masters in the discipline of pizza preparation, and... more
at: Associazione amar pizzeria e cucina
Professional Cooking
Course On Italian Gelato
Luogo: Costigliole D'Asti (AT)
dal: 28 November 2022
Duration: 4 weeks
ICIF has created the Course on Italian Pastry in collaboration with the Italian Pastry, Ice Cream... more
at: ICIF - Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
Professional Cooking
Christmas Lunch
Luogo: Casamassima (BA)
dal: 15 December 2022
Duration: 1 days
A whole menú from the appetizer to dessert to celebrate the most important party of the year in... more
at: Associazione Buongusto

Latest Events in Italy

Locality:Guardiagrele (Chieti)

Genre: Wine And Food
from: 27 November 2022
to: 27 November 2022
Artistic Craftsmanship and Flavors of Abruzzo. Public event with free admission. At the Palazzo dell 'Artigianato in via Roma n. 28, municipality of Guardiagrele CH .
Stand opening hours:...

Posted by: Casa Flamminio
Locality:Atessa (Chieti)

Genre: Fairs
from: 27 November 2022
to: 27 November 2022
Car Boot Sale Bonnet Tray. The flea market is back. Like every last Sunday of the month. Give new life to everything you no longer use at home, also earning money, while also limiting waste. You can...
Posted by: Casa Flamminio
Locality:Moena (Trento)
Region:Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

Genre: Sport
from: 27 January 2023
to: 29 January 2023
The 50th Marcialonga di Fiemme and Fassa takes place on 29th January 2023,supported by the enthusiasm of 7,500 competitors including champions and "bisonti". The parterre will perfectly combine the...
Posted by: Ufficio Stampa Newsp
Locality:Turin Region:Piedmont
Genre: Other
from: 27 November 2022
to: 27 November 2022


¡BIS! Francesco Cicchella juega todas sus cartas en un estimulante one man show, en el que encontramos sus puntos fuertes (como las parodias de...

Posted by: Virginia Sanchesi
Locality:Bologna Region:Emilia - Romagna
Genre: Art
from: 26 November 2022
to: 26 November 2022
Marcello Vandelli returns to Bologna and this time he does it with an exhibition entitled "Blood". Because blood is soul, that same soul that through his brushes,.
Posted by: Stefano
Locality:Tesero (Trento)
Region:Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

Genre: Sport
from: 21 January 2023
to: 22 January 2023
Skiri Trophy XCountry is back on 21 and 22 January 2023 on the Olympic slopes of the Lago di Tesero Cross-Country Center in Trentino. On the occasion of the 39th edition of the 'Mundialito' of youth...
Posted by:
Locality:Rome Region:Lazio
Genre: Concerts
from: 22 November 2022
to: 22 November 2022
Experience “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi in the extraordinary atmosphere of St. Paul’s Within the Walls Church in Rome. Live the most romantic opera ever, exclusively performed by Opera e...
Posted by: Giusi
Locality:Mandela (Rome)

Genre: Wine And Food
from: 4 December 2022
to: 4 December 2022
The polenta and olive oil festival returns to Mandela, now in its 41st edition! Sunday 4 December come and discover the authentic flavors of our tradition, in one of the most beautiful and...
Posted by: La Valle Eventi
Locality:La Thuile (Aosta)
Region:Aosta Valley

Genre: Wine And Food
from: 6 December 2022
to: 30 April 2023
For the days of the event, we invite you to visit our website
We have around 2 appointments a month throughout the 2022/2023 winter season
Reservation is important....

Posted by: Hotel Ristorante Les Granges
Locality:Ortona (Chieti)

Genre: Sport
from: 21 November 2022
to: 21 November 2023
Nordic Walking Basic Course. Nordic walking with poles. The sport that if practiced constantly and with the right technique: improve posture, tones all muscles, it is a natural stress reliever
Posted by: Casa Flamminio
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