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Recipe Bocconotti Sweets

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Region: Lombardy
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Recipe Bocconotti Sweets


-mandorle gr. 100
-Cocoa bitter gr. 80
-sugar granulated gr. 50
-polvere biscuit gr. 30
-a lemon
-cannella powder
-mosto cooked (or liquor)
for the ball:
-flour 1 ianca gr. 200
-butter gr. 100
-sugar granulated gr. 80
-two eggs
- Two yolks
-butter and flour for molds


Blanch the almonds in boiling water, then peel and toast them in the oven. Meanwhile, pour the flour, add the sugar, melted butter and cold, the two whole eggs and egg yolks; using your hands to work a little ingredients, then get a sheet and coat it with nine round molds shaped basket, after having buttered and floured. Keep aside the scraps of dough. Chop almonds, put the mixture into a soup tureen, add the sugar, cocoa powder biscuit, the lemon zest and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix well, then add as much juice or liquor, as necessary to obtain a compound of the consistency of a jam; with it then fill the molds. Reshuffle scraps of dough, roll out a small pastry and using a stencil blank, same as those used, take from the nine diskettes; deliver us one over each filling. Place the ramekins on a baking sheet and place in preheated oven at 200 degrees for 25 minutes. Once cooked unmold bocconotti from the molds, let them cool on a wire rack and serve.

Posted by: La Dolce Vita Pasticceria

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