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3month Courses Ex Cooking English Speaking

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Schools in Italy

Locality: Imola (Bologna)
Region: Emilia - Romagna

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Pietro D'Agostino Cooking Lab
Locality: Taormina (Messina)
Region: Sicily
The Cooking Loft
Locality: Albinea (Reggio-Emilia)
Region: Emilia - Romagna

Latest Courses in Italy

Italian Lessons
Luogo: Otranto (LE)
dal: 2 July 2020
Duration: 3 weeks
Italian Lessons for small groups. The Italian Language School ILS offers individual and small... more
Free Course For Pizzaiolo From 16 To 30 Years
Luogo: Fasano (BR)
dal: 15 July 2019
Duration: 5 weeks
REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR THE FREE COURSE For unemployed young people aged 16 to 30 (not yet... more
at: Associazione amar pizzeria e cucina
Professional Cooking
Italian Lessons
Luogo: Vicenza (VI)
dal: 1 August 2019
Duration: 52 weeks
Individual italian lessons - Club 2 italian lessons - Club 3 italian lessons- Plida center... more
at: Inlingua Vicenza

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Latest Courses in Italy

Cooking Culture Cooking courses
Region: Tuscany Locality: Florence
from: 15 July 2019 Duration: 2 weeks
Our Italian cooking courses organized as one-to-one or in small groups, held in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Florence. They are practical courses: the students prepare the dishes studied together with the chef. The chefs who teach... more

Istituto Galilei
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Cooking Italian + cooking
Region: Emilia - Romagna Locality: Bologna
from: 5 August 2019 Duration: 1 weeks
Morning italian classes afternoon cooking classes from 1 week all levels

ALCE | Study Italian in Bologna
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Cooking Italian basic language and tr cooking course
Region: Apulia Locality: Rodi Garganico (Foggia)
from: 20 July 2019 Duration: 20 hours
Italian basic language and traditional cooking course of Puglia, lessons for individuals and small groups. Possibility of accommodation by the sea, in Northern Puglia and excursions in the Gargano National Park. Contact us for more details more

Gargano Italian Language School
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Cooking Italian at the table
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 11 July 2018 Duration: 3 hours
Italian at the table allows you to discover the secrets of the best dishes in this country. From the recipe to the stove, you will have the opportunity to cook and then to taste what you have prepared in the company of the teacher and other... more

Accommodations: (Apartment)
Language Cooking Cuisine and wine - 15% off until 31.3.2019
Region: Tuscany Locality: Grosseto
from: 22 October 2019 Duration: 1 weeks
Italian language course, Mediterranean cuisine and the wine trail The course includes: - 20 hours of language tuition per week from 9.00 to 13.00 - 18 hours of cultural and culinary activities per week (cooking workshop, visits of fish and... more

Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
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Schools in Italy

Cooking School
Aquolinae Scuola di cucina e gusto italiano
Locality: Pollein (Aosta)
Region: Aosta Valley

Courses: Amateur Professional
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B
Cooking School
ALMA,Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana
Locality: Colorno (Parma)
Region: Emilia - Romagna

ALMA is the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine. ALMA educates chefs, sommelier, food&beverage managers from all around the world, forming professionals...

Courses: Professional
Accommodations: Apartment
Cooking School
image unavailable
Cucina In srl
Locality: Milan Region: Lombardy

Courses: Amateur
Cooking School
Locality: Rome Region: Lazio

Made In Italy School promotes professional course in cooking, high pastry and wine management based on the Innovative Method of Real Practice: Crafts are taught only at the workplace. After the 1st...

Courses: Professional
Cooking School
Myda scuola di cucina
Locality: Catania Region: Sicily

Myda cooking school offers cooking and pastry courses, for amateur and professionists. For tourists who desire to have a taste of sicilian culture thru the food experience, we offer hands on cooking...

Courses: Amateur Professional
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
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You can also find cooking classes at

La Casa delle Fate
Locality: - Villa Faraldi (Imperia)
Region: Liguria

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Villa Faraldi
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo Le Fontanacce s.r.l.
Locality: - Pescia (Pistoia)
Region: Tuscany

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Pescia
Cooking Courses

Masseria Chicco Rizzo
Locality: S.P. Sternatia-Martignano - Sternatia (Lecce)
Region: Apulia

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Sternatia
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo S' Ozzastru
Locality: - Dorgali (Nuoro)
Region: Sardinia

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Dorgali
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo il Quadrifoglio
Locality: Colle Marcone - Chieti
Region: Abruzzo

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Chieti
Cooking Courses

Italian Cooking Recipes

Lentil soup

Directions Peel the carrot, celery and onion, chop them finely. Put the olive oil in a pot and fry the vegetables for a few minutes. Add the tomato concentrate and the lentils, mix well. Cover with water, add the sage leaf and cook on low heat... more

Spaghetti with roses

Choose the roses; they should be preferrably pink. Take the petals and clean them gently with a damp towel, cut them in thin slices and keep aside 6 whole petals. Cut the ham into small cubes. Stir fry the onion with some butter, add the ham, fry it... more

Italian Pesto

Pesto is one of the most known Italian pasta sauces, with his great flavour. But not everyone knows that it is very easy to prepare. You can choose to make it with mortar and pestle, as the tradition teachs, or if you have just a few time at your... more

Events in Italy Add Event (free)

Florence Region: Tuscany
from: 5 August 2019 to: 6 September 2019 Genre: Wine And Food

The menus for the cooking classes will change every Tuesday and Thursday, so you will be able to experience and learn different dishes. Normally a standard lesson includes two first courses (homemade pasta, risotto, flans, soups. ) and a dessert....... more

Posted by: Istituto Galilei
5 Accommodation Offers near Florence
Where to stay in
Perugia Region: Umbria
from: 21 September 2019 to: 22 September 2019 Genre: Fairs

The autumn edition of the Perugia Flower Show is back again this year, the market exhibition of rare and unusual plants that will bring to the Frontone Gardens the green and rarities for a garden that is always perfect even in winter. About 60...... more

Posted by: Alessandro
2 Accommodation Offers near Perugia
Where to stay in
Borgo Val Di Taro (Parma) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 14 September 2019 to: 22 September 2019 Genre: Wine And Food

Exhibitions, tastings, cooking shows. And still entertainment for all ages, traveling musical shows and street food. Two weekends dedicated to taste and fun with a single, great protagonist: the Borgotaro porcini mushroom IGP. From 14 to 15 and...... more

Posted by: Comitato Sagra del Fungo IGP di Borgotaro
1 Accommodation Offers near Parma
Where to stay in
Borgo Val Di Taro

Latest Events in Italy

Locality:Giardini Naxos (Messina)

Genre: Art
from: 14 April 2019
to: 31 December 2020
Very nice apartment in Residence, fully furnished with heat pump or air conditioning, TV for every room and digital decoder and washing machine and all comforts with WI-FI connection IN COMMON AREA...
Posted by: Peppavacanza
Locality:Giardini Naxos (Messina)

Genre: Other
from: 28 August 2018
to: 31 December 2019
Very nice condo, fully furnished equipped with a heat pump or air conditioner, TV for every room and digital decoder and washer and all seats with WI-FI connection IN the COMMON AREAS is in RESIDENCE...
Posted by: Peppavacanza
Locality:San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani)

Genre: Wine And Food
from: 20 September 2019
to: 29 September 2019
International Festival of Cultural Integration

Every year, great Chefs come to this splendid corner of Sicily, from different countries, to live, under the pretext of the kitchen, a...

Posted by: Casa Mario
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