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Free International Italian Courses

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Schools in Italy

Locality: Turin
Region: Piedmont
Courses: Italian Language
Locality: Turin
Region: Piedmont
Courses: Italian Language
Accommodations: Host Family
Dilit International House
Locality: Rome
Region: Lazio
Courses: Italian Language, Cooking, Art, Photography
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment

Latest Courses in Italy

Luogo: Teggiano (SA)
dal: 29 October 2019
Duration: 6 weeks
The Cook works mainly in the catering industry, is engaged in production of the meals within dining... more
at: Cooking Well Academy
Professional Cooking
Course Orbetello - Siena
Luogo: Orbetello (GR)
dal: 25 March 2019
Duration: 2 weeks
Have a great experience! Learn Italian in Tuscany, Get to know art and culture in Siena, Enjoy sea... more
at: OrbitLingua
Cooking Course In Bologna
Luogo: Bologna (BO)
dal: 14 May 2019
Duration: 27 hours
at: Progetto PerFormare

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Latest Courses in Italy

Language Art Italiano + Art
Region: Tuscany Locality: Florence
from: 26 November 2019 Duration: 4 weeks
Those intending to follow an art program in Florence (for professional, teaching or personal reasons) can choose the intensive art course and study the techniques and language in depth. This course is recommended to students who are in training for... more

Accademia Europea di Firenze
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Language Business English
Region: Lazio Locality: Rome
from: 23 April 2019 Duration: 2 months
Living for business is a specific English course for business English. It aims to develop effective communication in the field of economy, finance and business matching requirements of international companies as well. The courses of Living Language... more

Living Language Institute
Accommodations: (Hotel - B&B)
Language Italian Language Courses in Rome
Region: Lazio Locality: Rome
from: 6 May 2019 Duration: 4 weeks
🥁 📢 📙 MORNING ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES IN ROME! 📅 When: every first Monday of the month (check the starting dates out on our website) - 4 WEEKS - 9: 30am to 12: 30pm 💰 HUGE PROMO 4 STUDENTS (in italian Uni), AU - PAIRS, RELIGIOUS,... more

Koiné - Italian Language Centre
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Language Lingua - Italian language courses
Region: Sardinia Locality: Alghero (Sassari)
from: 1 April 2019 Duration: 12 weeks
We, at Pintadera, endeavor to make the learning experience as inspiring as Alghero itself. Our teachers are energetic university graduates, chosen for their teaching ability as well as their engaging personality. From the start, we take classes out... more

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Language Italian language and culture for foreigners
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Vasto (Chieti)
from: 1 April 2019 Duration: 2 weeks
2019 Italian Language and Culture Course The classes of the Italian language and culture course are composed of a maximum of 16 students to participate in a communicative competence force. The courses of Italian Language and Culture by our... more

Accommodations: (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
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Schools in Italy

Language School
Unisstral, Scuola Universitaria
Locality: Alghero (Sassari)
Region: Sardinia

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking, Art, Photography
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
Language School
image unavailable
Piccola Università Italiana
Locality: Tropea (Vibo-Valentia)
Region: Calabria

The school is recognized by the Ministry of Educationa, University and Research and is situated in the heart of the old town of Tropea in a beautiful historical building from the 18th century. The...

Courses: Italian Language
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
Online Courses
Language School
Locality: Orbetello (Grosseto)
Region: Tuscany

OrbitLingua, created in 2002,is an expanding dynamic language school specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to foreign students. We accept a limited number of students at one time, this...

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment Hotel - B&B
Language School
Eurocentres Firenze
Locality: Florence Region: Tuscany

The school is in the centre of the oldest part of Florence, 300 m from the Pitti Palace, 500 m from the Ponte Vecchio and about 15 minutes’ walk from the cathedral (il Duomo) and from the railway...

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking, Art
Accommodations: Host Family Apartment Hotel - B&B
Language School
Nausicaa - Lingua e Cultura Italiana
Locality: Milazzo (Messina)
Region: Sicily

Nausicaa was foundet in 1999 in Pizzo Calabro. After a sussessful decade of hosting and teaching students in Calabria, Nausicaa will now embark on a new endeavour and reopen its centre in Patti, a...

Courses: Italian Language, Cooking, Art
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
Online Courses
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Events in Italy Add Event (free)

Ispra (Varese) Region: Lombardy
from: 1 July 2019 to: 2 July 2019 Genre: Wine And Food

At the Italian Pizza Championship, all pizzaioli / members belonging to any trade association can participate, or on a personal basis or as representative of their own pizzeria who are at least 16 years old. Registration for pizza competitions is...... more

Posted by: Associazione Italiana Pizzaioli
Where to stay in

Florence Region: Tuscany
from: 8 April 2019 to: 3 May 2019 Genre: Wine And Food

The menus for the cooking classes will change every Tuesday and Thursday, so you will be able to experience and learn different dishes. Normally a standard lesson includes two first courses (homemade pasta, risotto, flans, soups. ) and a dessert....... more

Posted by: Istituto Galilei
9 Accommodation Offers near Florence
Where to stay in
Reggio Emilia (Reggio-Emilia) Region: Emilia - Romagna
from: 8 July 2019 to: 12 July 2019 Genre: Wine And Food

The school holds one week cookery classes on local Emilian cuisine with approximately 3 hours lessons per day, from Monday to Friday. Students are taught how to make homemade pasta and the secrets to preparing traditional Reggio Emilia dishes:...... more

Posted by: Reggio Lingua
Where to stay in
Reggio Emilia

Latest Events in Italy

Engines in 2019.
Locality:Citta' Sant'Angelo (Pescara)

Genre: Other
from: 12 May 2019
to: 12 May 2019
Public event organized by Racing Your Business-Motorsport Management. Sunday 10.30 a. M. 12-05 at 18.00 hours.
Posted by: Casa Flamminio
Locality:Bormio (Sondrio)

Genre: Sport
from: 20 September 2019
to: 22 September 2019
Auto rally divided into 3 days, the first 2 will be dynamic crossing the Alpine passes of Alta Valtellina and some of the most popular tourist destinations. The third day will be dedicated to the...
Posted by: ExtremePass
Locality:Naturno/Naturns (Bolzano)
Region:Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

Genre: Sport
from: 27 April 2019
to: 27 April 2019
The Ötzi Alpin Marathon returns with a 16th edition to be shouted, that of the Mummy of Similaun, which on April 27 will wake up giving a unique triathlon challenge starting from Naturns - in South...
Posted by: Ufficio Stampa Newsp
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