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Foreign Literature About Pastry

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Latest Courses in Italy

Professional Pastry Course 10 Lessons
Luogo: Roma (RM)
dal: 1 April 2019
Duration: 2 months
From 10.00 a. M. To 16.00 01/04/2019 at 17/06/2019 level: basic instructor: Roberta D'ancona cost:... more
at: Smoothly
Professional Cooking

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Basic Course Of Pastry
Luogo: Mola Di Bari (BA)
dal: 11 April 2019
Duration: 4 days
The basic course of pastry is for anyone who want to enrich their knowledge and deepen their... more
at: Chef Martinelli
Course On Italian Pastry
Luogo: Costigliole D'Asti (AT)
dal: 13 May 2019
Duration: 3 weeks
ICIF has created the Course on Italian Pastry in collaboration with the Italian Pastry, Ice Cream... more
at: ICIF - Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
Professional Cooking
Science And Technologies Of Pastry
Luogo: Piobesi Torinese (TO)
dal: 4 November 2019
Duration: 14 weeks
Course in two modules to become a professional in Italian pastry at 360° more
Professional Cooking
Professionalizing Pastry Course
Luogo: Alberobello (BA)
dal: 31 May 2019
Duration: 900 hours
Thanks to this professionalizing pastry course organized by the Istituto Eccelsa training academy,... more
at: Istituto Eccelsa
Professional Cooking

Schools in Italy

Locality: Pesaro (Pesaro-Urbino)
Region: Marches
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
La Palestra del Cibo - Cooking Gym
Locality: Turin
Region: Piedmont
Italian Chef Academy
Locality: Rome
Region: Lazio

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Schools in Italy

Cooking School
Accademia Le Midì
Locality: Turin Region: Piedmont

Courses: Professional
Cooking School
La Mezzaluna Tuscan Cooking School
Locality: Barga (Lucca)
Region: Tuscany

Have fun and join my cookery lessons at La Mezzaluna Cooking School in this beautiful part of Northern Tuscany. Combine cooking and wine tasting and learn all the basic Italian cooking techniques and...

Courses: Amateur
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
Cooking School
Locality: Rome Region: Lazio

Made In Italy School promotes professional course in cooking, high pastry and wine management based on the Innovative Method of Real Practice: Crafts are taught only at the workplace. After the 1st...

Courses: Professional
Cooking School
ArteFormazione & Consulting
Locality: Turin Region: Piedmont

Our job is to believe in your Future.

Courses: Amateur Professional
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B
Cooking School
Agripasticceria® DolceMente ConTorta
Locality: Pavone Canavese (Turin)
Region: Piedmont

Besides the Didactics in the pastry field, we offer courses and laboratories based on our breedings and productions (We have: 250 cows of Piedmontese race, 100 pigs, 45 goats of race Camosciata of...

Courses: Amateur Professional
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Latest Courses in Italy

Language Cooking Culture STUDY TRIP IN ITALY
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Casalbordino (Chieti)
from: 5 May 2019 Duration: 4 weeks
🇮🇹 TRAVEL STUDY IN ITALY 🇮🇹 COURSES of Italian language and culture 🚍 GUIDED TOURS in the most beautiful Italian cities and towns (Abruzzo, Alberobello, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Rome, Assisi, Bari, Polignano a Mare, Vieste, Cinque... more

Nuova Arcadia
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Language Cooking Culture Italian courses for groups
Region: Veneto Locality: Venice
from: 30 June 2019 Duration: 2 weeks
Tailored-made courses of Italian language, culture, cuisine with day trips to nearby sightseeing destinations. For organized groups

Accommodations: (Hotel - B&B)
Language Cooking Art Naples 5 Senses - Tour With the Teacher
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 12 May 2018 Duration: 5 hours
"Naples 5 Senses" it is a journey, divided into several meetings or concentrated in a whole day, in which the teacher accompanies the student to discover the city through more experiences, each linked to a particular meaning. The view: the most... more

Accommodations: (Apartment)
Cooking Italian at the table
Region: Campania Locality: Naples
from: 11 July 2018 Duration: 3 hours
Italian at the table allows you to discover the secrets of the best dishes in this country. From the recipe to the stove, you will have the opportunity to cook and then to taste what you have prepared in the company of the teacher and other... more

Accommodations: (Apartment)
Language Cooking Cuisine and wine - 15% off until 31.3.2019
Region: Tuscany Locality: Grosseto
from: 22 October 2019 Duration: 1 weeks
Italian language course, Mediterranean cuisine and the wine trail The course includes: - 20 hours of language tuition per week from 9.00 to 13.00 - 18 hours of cultural and culinary activities per week (cooking workshop, visits of fish and... more

Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)

You can also find cooking classes at

Agriturismo Renai & Monte
Locality: Varna - Gambassi Terme (Florence)
Region: Tuscany

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Gambassi Terme
Cooking Courses
La Casa delle Fate
Locality: - Villa Faraldi (Imperia)
Region: Liguria

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Villa Faraldi
Cooking Courses

Villa Angel
Locality: - Trabia (Palermo)
Region: Sicily

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Trabia
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo Le Fontanacce s.r.l.
Locality: - Pescia (Pistoia)
Region: Tuscany

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Pescia
Cooking Courses
Special Offers Masseria Chicco Rizzo
Locality: S.P. Sternatia-Martignano - Sternatia (Lecce)
Region: Apulia

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Sternatia
Cooking Courses

Italian Cooking Recipes

Roll of puff pastry ham and provolone

Today we see a quick and easy dish to prepare, ideal for those who have great knowledge of the kitchen, but prefer to eat something tasty and easy to prepare at the same time. Meanwhile, use puff pastry, which will save us a lot 'of time, put a... more

Zuppa Inglese : a classic Italian Pudding

In a bowl, mix together with a fork the egg yolks and sugar to make a pastry cream. Once soft and creamy, add the flour and mix together well. Add the milk and lemon peel to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. As soon as the milk begins to boil,... more

Clouds of pastry mounted

For the topping: Jam (or chocolate, but makes them harder). Preparation: 1) Soften the butter at room temperature. 2) Add the sugar, then fit the two ingredients with the blender. 3) When the mixture is well blended add the eggs and egg yolks, one... more

Events in Italy Add Event (free)

Bergamo Region: Lombardy
from: 16 March 2019 to: 18 June 2019 Genre: Exhibitions

In March 2009,at a time of global crisis opened with the failure of Lehman Brothers, the Galleria Marelia was born in Bergamo. In these ten years of activity, the gallery has organized 54 exhibitions, including collective and solo exhibitions by...... more

Posted by: Paola Silvia Ubiali
Where to stay in
Jova Beach Party. Marina di Vasto.
Vasto (Chieti) Region: Abruzzo
from: 17 August 2019 to: 18 August 2019 Genre: Concerts

Public event organized by Trident Music. Performances, from 14.00 to 24.00 hours. For info and tickets, visit the website.

Posted by:
1 Accommodation Offers near Chieti
Where to stay in
Napalm Death/Frantic Fest 2019
Francavilla Al Mare (Chieti) Region: Abruzzo
from: 15 August 2019 to: 15 August 2019 Genre: Concerts

Public event organized by Hellfire Booking Agency. Thursday 15-08 from 20.00 at 24.00 hours.

Posted by:
1 Accommodation Offers near Chieti
Where to stay in
Francavilla al Mare

Latest Events in Italy

Engines in 2019.
Locality:Citta' Sant'Angelo (Pescara)

Genre: Other
from: 12 May 2019
to: 12 May 2019
Public event organized by Racing Your Business-Motorsport Management. Sunday 10.30 a. M. 12-05 at 18.00 hours.
Posted by: Casa Flamminio
Locality:Bormio (Sondrio)

Genre: Sport
from: 20 September 2019
to: 22 September 2019
Auto rally divided into 3 days, the first 2 will be dynamic crossing the Alpine passes of Alta Valtellina and some of the most popular tourist destinations. The third day will be dedicated to the...
Posted by: ExtremePass
Locality:Naturno/Naturns (Bolzano)
Region:Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

Genre: Sport
from: 27 April 2019
to: 27 April 2019
The Ötzi Alpin Marathon returns with a 16th edition to be shouted, that of the Mummy of Similaun, which on April 27 will wake up giving a unique triathlon challenge starting from Naturns - in South...
Posted by: Ufficio Stampa Newsp
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